Kakashi’s Face Finally Revealed!

If you are a Naruto fan, I bet you wanted to see Kakashi’s face without a mask. Does he have pouty lips? big teeth? Well, it was revealed in the Naruto Exhibition at the Mori Arts Center in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo and guess what, Kakashi-sensei looks cool!

As you can, he has a mole in the right side of his chin, actually on my first look, he resembles Hisoka. (lol)


The Best Method to Beat Flappy Bird

I’ve tried this Flappy Bird game, and it is really annoying but I don’t want to be beaten by a simple game so I tried to find some method or techniques to beat this game… and I found this, the best method to Beat Flappy Bird.


Gift Recommendations for Valentine’s Day

Hey dude, are you having trouble on what to give to your special someone this coming Valentine’s Day? Worry no more! It does not really matter if you still don’t know very well your partner; actually it’s just a plus. But if you really can’t decide on what to give, this is what I suggest, give her a WRISTWATCH!

Yes, a wristwatch! Well, you might be wondering why I suggested that stuff. Actually, I just based it on my own experience with girls, I have never seen a lady who hated wristwatches, and most of them want to have one. If I remember it right, I gave my wife a wristwatch and she loved it so much, her eyes sparkled as she sees the detailed design of the wristwatch I gave her. She did not complain if the gift I gave her looks classy, instead she told me that she has the perfect attire that is a perfect match for it. read more

Why Date a Writer?

Whether a conventional writer, a journalist, a blogger, a poet or just somebody who writes diary entries, he’s the best pick for keeps. Here’s why:

  • Writers are observant.

Women frequently complain when men don’t get our non-verbal cues on whatever feeling we are trying to send across. Since writers are observant people, they are very particular with details. They remember a lot of things, even the smallest details that we include in our actions. Men are really poor in remembering important occasions, your favorites, your diet, or even your birthday. But an observant writer knows how to remember the things that get their attention. Just make sure that their attention is yours, so they would remember you and things about you most of the time. read more

Funny Christmas Memes

Merry Christmas to all! Just this morning I find some funny Christmas memes in my Facebook feed and I decided to compile theme here. We have this funny thing about our so-called “Hide and Seek” game between the Grandparents (Ninong and Ninang) and their Grandchildren (Inaanak) during Christmas day. Though this is not true to most of the Grandparents, it became a traditional humor among Filipinos.

I’ll be updating this post, when I see more funny memes.





More to come… read more

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I would like to greet my readers and blog mates a very Merry Christmas, may your celebration become joyful and meaningful. But as we celebrate, let us not forget to main essence of Christmas, it’s the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth. May we recall all his teachings and put them into action, this is the best time to share the love that He gave to us. Again, Merry Christmas to Everyone!

The Penny Farthing – Why?

When people who are not from the UK are told: Think of an iconic British bicycle, they are immediately reminded of the Penny Farthing. A bicycle that became legend due to its incredibly strange design, it’s odd to think that the Penny Farthing is probably more popular now than when it was first designed. So why was it designed?

The father of the Farthing
In 1870, James Starley began to produce bicycles of the same design as the French bicycle boneshaker, but with larger front wheels. The Penny Farthing was created soon after, the name given to it due to its resemblance in appearance to a penny placed next to a farthing; the currency of the era. It has since become a symbol of the Victorian Era, despite its lack of success and short life. read more

Sorting Men Out

What if we can sort men? What would be each container’s label? Let’s give it a try! Here are some observable ‘sorts’ of men that women encounter.

 The Cutie-Patootie – the guy with the cutest dimples, long dark lashes, and perfect face outline, though not very tall but definitely someone who will make you blush in just one glance. That mannequin-like cuteness that you want to take home for display.

 The Prince Charming – no longer with a white horse but undoubtedly charming. Charms you in all that he does, that you can’t help admire even his task of tying his shoelace. He is THAT charming. You can’t explain why he affected you that much, ’cause he’s not much of a looker, but he would have that x-factor. read more

Faulty Reasons to Engage in a Relationship (Part 2)

Here you go! This is the second part of Faulty Reasons to Engage in a Relationship. We’ll continue discussing the different reasons people use to justify the existence of a relationship. There are a lot of reasons yet there is only one that would make a relationship last. Why? Simply because all these reasons that you want to be the foundation of your relationship will never promise forever. All these perish in time, and when they fade, your commitment loses its grip. Thus, in engaging in a relationship, one must not commit only for… read more