These Half Pinoy Half Pinay Contestants made Everyone’s Jaw Dropped

It seems that contestants from the Philippines are showing Asia’s Got Talent something peculiar yet more entertaining. Just like these three lovely singers, they introduced their group with their charming voices but the judges as well as the audience could not believe what happened next.


Why is Online Shopping Cheaper than Retail Shopping?

Today, online shopping is popular, and most of the retail stores have their own online portals for their loyal and potential customers. But why is it cheaper?

Today, we will discuss some of the points that will help you understand the cost difference between the two.


A retail store has to pay rent (unless, of course, they own the place). Rent eats a decent portion of their income and stays there forever. However, with an online store, one does not have to pay any rent. So, they can pass on a portion of their savings to their customers.

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Sunglasses That Go Beyond looks!

Sunglasses most certainly make up as great accessories for your eyes. But do they go beyond just the looks? Well, they ought to. The sun emits Ultraviolet (UV) rays that can possibly pose serious perils like photokeratitis, pingueculae and permanent retinal damage.

And if you thought sunglasses are great accessories just for the summers, then you’d be mistaken. The sun leaves no stone unturned in rising and setting every day and UV light released through it can pass through the clouds covering the sun and also reflect from snow or ice. So whether it’s sunny outside or dark & gloomy, the suns UV rays are eyeing your eye.

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Pro and Cons of Online Price Comparison Website

Today, it is no doubt that online shopping has become order of the day. There are plenty of sites that attract a huge volume of visitors every day. Since these websites gives the shoppers the luxury and liberty to shop from the comfort of their home/office it is the most preferred way of buying products. While, there are plenty of online shops that offer the same products, it becomes difficult for the buyers to individually visit the different sites and compare the prices of the product to find the best deal. It is as redundant as hopping through different stores. This is where the online price comparison websites come into the picture; they not only help online shoppers compare prices easily under a single roof but also help them save money.

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Weirdest Clash of Clans Village Layout

YES! I admit, I am a Clash of Clans addict! I started last April (2014) and as of now I have two COC (Clash of Clans) accounts. I’ve been busy editing my village’s layout from time to time or whenever I review the defense replays that my village encountered. When I noticed that the layout has flaws or when I see that the layout is not effective, I’ll change it again. But the ugly truth is, there’s no absolute defense in COC. But some COC players do not change their village’s layout because of defense but because they want to create a layout that resembles something. As I “farm for loots”, I saw some weird village layout, here are some samples of Weirdest Clash of Clans Village Layout  I am talking about…

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The 3 Worst Bad Habits a New Golfer Should Avoid

New golfers would probably become better golfers if they learned all of the fundamentals of the game from the very beginning. While it can be very difficult to master the proper swing, almost anyone can learn how to hold a golf club, how to stand and position the ball in your stance and how to approach the game. One can probably think of a dozen or more bad habits new golfers tend to develop and all of them can make it harder to be consistent and hit good golf shots. Three of the worst bad habits a new golfer has to avoid are as follows.

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Behind the Internet Curtain | Infographic

Here’s an infographic titled “Behind the Internet Curtain” which explains how information from our computer travels to data centers. This is a very informative infographic so I suggest you find time to read this. (more…)

Cultural Shift Ensures Popularity of Digital Downloading

It seems everyone today is downloading something from the internet, and some are ending up in jail because of it while others are slapped with big fines. For the most part, thought, it’s all perfectly legal and it’s how much media is now obtained.

People are always after entertainment content online – music, in audio and video; books; TV programmes; and even whole feature films, a feat made possible using torrent technology that enables quick downloads of massive files.

Computing devices, from PCs to tablets, smartphones and ereaders, are just empty storage machines waiting to be filled with content, thus driving demand for all manner of files.

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How Obama Affects the Education of US Military Members

If you are a member of the US military, you deserve praise, accolades and as much support as the country can give. One type of support we the US government can give to our veterans are military dependents scholarships, many of which can be used at military friendly colleges.

Recently the veterans went through a bit of a scare. Because of the recent sequester and government shutdown that was started by President Obama and Congress, tuition assistance for military members and veterans were in danger of being cut. Even though President Obama signed a bill that reinstated tuition aid for military members, the sequester made everyone realize how much members of the military depend on government tuition assistance.

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