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Why is Online Shopping Cheaper than Retail Shopping?

January 16, 2015

Today, online shopping is popular, and most of the retail stores have their own online portals for their loyal and potential customers. But why is it cheaper?


Today, we will discuss some of the points that will help you understand the cost difference between the two.



A retail store has to pay rent (unless, of course, they own the place). Rent eats a decent portion of their income and stays there forever. However, with an online store, one does not have to pay any rent. So, they can pass on a portion of their savings to their customers.



Online stores like have spent thousands of dollars on marketing. However, they still provide products cheaper than many other retail outlets. How?

Well, a retail store has to market its services in a number of ways to make a customer base. Offline promotions and online promotions are important for them. On the other hand, online stores do not have to divide their resources. Online promotion is the only option they choose. So, even after pumping thousands of dollars in marketing, stores like manage to offer exclusive overstock discounts to its customers.


Coupons and promo codes

Well, with a retail store too, you can find suitable coupons and get a good deal. However, you have to collect such coupons from various sources. That can be problematic as you might miss an important deal.

For an online store, you can visit a reputed coupon site and start looking for the best coupons and promo codes. Everything is available at the same place and you can be sure that you will get the best deal. That is not all. Subscribing to mailers, you can get regular updates on such coupons and promo codes. So, you will hardly miss an important deal, if you have subscribed to the mailers.


Other expenses

Other expenses like electricity, salaries and maintenance are economical, as compared to retail stores.



An online store is not required to display available products. But a retail store has to display them, as customers will be attracted to their store, only if they have displayed better products that can be seen and felt by the customers.



Well, to start with a retail store, you need a place that can be visited by customers. If you are situated in the wrong place (for example – opening a shop in an area that is not visited by many people), people will not notice your store and might not visit it too. However, an online store is available for the world to access. It is easy and one should not worry about the startup costs. There are marketing expenses though.


Comparing the two options, you can have a comfortable journey owning an online store, but the road to success is still hard work and dedication.


Concluding, if you want to add another point to distinguish the two, please feel free to add them in the comments sections below.

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Sunglasses That Go Beyond looks!

October 29, 2014

glassesSunglasses most certainly make up as great accessories for your eyes. But do they go beyond just the looks? Well, they ought to. The sun emits Ultraviolet (UV) rays that can possibly pose serious perils like photokeratitis, pingueculae and permanent retinal damage.


And if you thought sunglasses are great accessories just for the summers, then you’d be mistaken. The sun leaves no stone unturned in rising and setting every day and UV light released through it can pass through the clouds covering the sun and also reflect from snow or ice. So whether it’s sunny outside or dark & gloomy, the suns UV rays are eyeing your eye.


So here’s a guide to find that perfect pair of sunglasses that is sure to transform into a chic & caring buddy for your eyes.



Product descriptions play a key role in helping you choose the best pair. Look out for descriptions that read 99 – 100 percent UV absorption or UV absorption up to 400 nanometers.


Right Style

Sunglasses come in a variety of styles. But your best bet is on the ones that cover the sides of your eyes to prevent the UV rays from coming in. So opt for big frames or a wraparound style as that fits the bill. You could also add that extra oomph by having a mirror coating on your sunglasses. Mirror coatings have thin layers of many metallic coatings that have the ability to reduce the amount of visible light reaching the eyes.


Lens Color

You don’t have to stick to dark tinted lens. Go and experiment with hues of green, amber, red, and gray. They offer the same protection as dark lenses.


Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are known to hinder the horizontal light waves that create glare thereby creating a clear view especially whilst driving. Polarization doesn’t however provide any UV protection. So while buying sunglasses make sure the lenses also offer 99 – 100 percent UV protection.


Lens Material

No lens is truly shatterproof. You get lenses in plastic, glass, and polycarbonate plastic materials. Of which polycarbonate plastic is the most impact resistant but is prone to scratches. So opt for a scratch resistant coating one. One more thing to bear in mind whilst buying sunglasses is that it should have optically ground lenses with minimal distortion. You can identify this by trying them on, turning your eyes to the right and left while you’re looking through the lenses and determining if there’s any distortion.


Its times you take good care of the eyes that help you see the world around you and pamper them with the best sunglasses in town. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the best deal for your pair of sunglasses by logging on to Lenskart. Go avail the Lenskart coupons right away.

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Pro and Cons of Online Price Comparison Website

October 28, 2014

25-512Today, it is no doubt that online shopping has become order of the day. There are plenty of sites that attract a huge volume of visitors every day. Since these websites gives the shoppers the luxury and liberty to shop from the comfort of their home/office it is the most preferred way of buying products. While, there are plenty of online shops that offer the same products, it becomes difficult for the buyers to individually visit the different sites and compare the prices of the product to find the best deal. It is as redundant as hopping through different stores. This is where the online price comparison websites come into the picture; they not only help online shoppers compare prices easily under a single roof but also help them save money.


Advantages of using price comparison website

  • Save money

No matter, if you are buying a pen, a mobile or auto insurance instead of browsing through different sites, you can get the prices offered by various online retailers by visiting a single website. These sites also allow you to compare the prices of the product based on the criteria you specify. Thus, you can save your valuable money by choosing the retailer who is offering the product at the lowest price.

  • Variety of Choices

Just like there are plenty of online retail shops, there are several  price comparison websites. This gives the online shoppers the leverage to choose any website to compare prices. Also, the shoppers can use a couple of comparison sites to corroborate the accuracy of the figures.

  • Know about the smaller brands

This is another significant benefit of price comparing website. It lists the prices of not just the popular brands but also from the smaller and lesser known brands. This could open the shoppers’ eye to a new brand and get a money saving deal.

  • Shoppers Review

Apart from allowing the shoppers to compare the prices of the products, these websites also allow the shoppers to read the reviews of other shoppers about the retailers as well as the products. This greatly helps the buyers to make an informed buying decision.


Drawbacks of the online price comparison website

  • Sponsored Results

Since there are plenty of price comparison website chances are that it may carry sponsored results from a particular brand. It is therefore advisable to check the accuracy of the price list by visiting more than one site.

  • Not all retailers use the site

Not all online retailers use the comparison website, so there is always a chance that online shoppers miss out on getting the price list form one of the leading retailers.

  • Comparison based only on price

Most of the websites that allow you to compare prices provide results only based on the price. Thus, although the buyers may get the product they desire at the cheapest price, the product itself may be of inferior quality or may not have the features they want.

Although, there are a few drawbacks of the price comparison sites, it is best advised to use these websites to get cheapest deals.

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Weirdest Clash of Clans Village Layout

September 29, 2014

YES! I admit, I am a Clash of Clans addict! I started last April (2014) and as of now I have two COC (Clash of Clans) accounts. I’ve been busy editing my village’s layout from time to time or whenever I review the defense replays that my village encountered. When I noticed that the layout has flaws or when I see that the layout is not effective, I’ll change it again. But the ugly truth is, there’s no absolute defense in COC. But some COC players do not change their village’s layout because of defense but because they want to create a layout that resembles something. As I “farm for loots”, I saw some weird village layout, here are some samples of Weirdest Clash of Clans Village Layout  I am talking about…

Molecular layout



The Dirty FingerDirty Finger


The Butterfly (or more like a Fallopian tube and ovary)Fallopian 2 Fallopian


The Flower PetalFlower Petals


Heart Struck by an ArrowHEart


The CrossLayout 1

This is what I noticed, I think this is one of the favorite layouts… the Batman Icon

batman 1 Batman 2 Batman 3 Batman 4


I will add more to this collection, but for now, let’s do some farming! Happy Gaming!

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The 3 Worst Bad Habits a New Golfer Should Avoid

April 9, 2014

New golfers would probably become better golfers if they learned all of the fundamentals of the game from the very beginning. While it can be very difficult to master the proper swing, almost anyone can learn how to hold a golf club, how to stand and position the ball in your stance and how to approach the game. One can probably think of a dozen or more bad habits new golfers tend to develop and all of them can make it harder to be consistent and hit good golf shots. Three of the worst bad habits a new golfer has to avoid are as follows.

The Pre-Shot Routine

One of the things you will notice when you watch a beginning golfer play is that they tend to rush or not take enough time before attempting to hit their golf ball. It does not matter whether the golfer is on the tee with their driver or standing on the green and getting set to stroke a putt. Having a repeatable pre-shot routine before every shot serves several important purposes. First, it allows the golfer to think about the shot before actually attempting it. Taking a minute to consider how to shape your shot or where to aim it will usually result in a better golf shot. The second reason to have a regular pre-shot routine is that it helps the golfer focus and block out extraneous noise and distractions. Focus and concentration lead to better results.

Shot Selection After a Bad Shot

As a beginning golfer, you will hit a lot of bad shots. That can be expected and you should not feel too bad if you hit an occasional grounder to short or slice one into the woods. The key mistake that a new golfer makes is trying to recover from a bad shot by attempting an unrealistic shot that has very little chance of being successful. If you are stuck behind a tree 280 yards away from the green after hitting your tee shot into the woods, you should just try to advance the ball to a point where you can reach the green on your 3rd shot. The bad habit many new golfers need to avoid is trying to hit a 30 yard draw with their 3 wood around a cluster of trees and land on the green.

Not Using All the Clubs in Your Bag

Another bad habit that new golfers may develop is to only use some of their clubs. Many new players can only hit their woods or only hit their irons. They develop a dependence on one or two clubs. Perhaps they feel most comfortable hitting a 5 iron. They may use their 5 iron to hit a shot from 200 yards away and use the same club when they are just 100 yards from the flag. Do not ignore your wedge when it is the right club to use. Even though you may not hit shots accurately or consistently with the short iron, you should practice with it if you want to improve your overall game. That advice applies to all clubs in your bag. Use the appropriate club for the distance and type of shot you are trying to hit.

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Cultural Shift Ensures Popularity of Digital Downloading

March 4, 2014

It seems everyone today is downloading something from the internet, and some are ending up in jail because of it while others are slapped with big fines. For the most part, thought, it’s all perfectly legal and it’s how much media is now obtained.

People are always after entertainment content online – music, in audio and video; books; TV programmes; and even whole feature films, a feat made possible using torrent technology that enables quick downloads of massive files.

Computing devices, from PCs to tablets, smartphones and ereaders, are just empty storage machines waiting to be filled with content, thus driving demand for all manner of files.

The rise of the digital download has come about in recent years thanks to the greater availability of bandwidth and the provision of large data packages, in some cases unlimited data usage, from internet and mobile providers. Many people who are downloading content no longer have to worry about exceeding their data allowances and being hit with big bills.

For content producers, such as music companies, concerns that digital downloading of their material would hurt their industry and cause some firms to collapse have been allayed by findings that even though in many cases such legal downloads are shared among people, they still serve to boost the industry as a whole.

Studies – one by the London School of Economics – have shown that digital downloads in the music sector have helped to offset losses with declining CD and record sales. Just as vinyl gave way to CDs, they too are giving way to the evolution of media consumption, now in the form of digital downloads. It’s all part of a cultural change in people’s interaction with the various forms of creative media.

The wildly energetic gaming sector is also getting in on the digital downloading action. A quarter of those surveyed for a large study in the United States said they preferred to download their games rather than getting them as physical copies.

Showing a clear move towards digital downloading, 36 percent of the 6,000 people surveyed as representative of the US population said they had downloaded games. Nearly everyone downloading games said they did so to their PCs, at 90 percent of respondents, with two-thirds of those owning games consoles saying they downloaded several games a year.

If it’s music video you’re after, there are sites where you can do it without breaking any laws, allowing you to follow your favourite artists and their latest hits. A healthy download speed with land them on your hard drive in seconds.

Various sites now allow for legal downloads of popular television programmes, and some have been downloaded so many times (millions) in short periods of time that it has helped to drastically boost shows’ popularity.

It appears that today’s consumer does not wish to be tied down to any one device, such as a television or radio, but wants freedom not only in their choice of media but also in how they consume it.

About the author:
Martin Jonson is director of the UK’s Digital Downloading company providing exceptional quality at the lowest UK prices. He will complete your job quickly with the greatest care. You can connect with him on Google+.


How Obama Affects the Education of US Military Members

February 18, 2014

If you are a member of the US military, you deserve praise, accolades and as much support as the country can give. One type of support we the US government can give to our veterans are military dependents scholarships, many of which can be used at military friendly colleges.


Recently the veterans went through a bit of a scare. Because of the recent sequester and government shutdown that was started by President Obama and Congress, tuition assistance for military members and veterans were in danger of being cut. Even though President Obama signed a bill that reinstated tuition aid for military members, the sequester made everyone realize how much members of the military depend on government tuition assistance.

Who Was Most Affected by the Government Sequester and Shutdown?

All members of the military who are currently taking college classes experienced the inconvenience of putting their education on hold. News stories all over the country featured men and women in the U.S. military who had to temporarily table their education while President Obama, Congress and the Defense Department duked it out in Washington.

Here are just some of the men and women who had to bite the bullet because of President Obama’s sequester and shutdown:

  • The Army gives its members $4,500 in annual tuition assistance. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) has stated that members of the Army joined partly for the scholarship aid.
  • The Army, Air Force and Marines had to temporarily halt tuition assistance to its members, leaving many soldiers in the lurch.
  • Senator Inhofe stated that a major cut in military tuition assistance would hurt the military’s ability to enlist future soldiers.

Senator Inhofe, the top ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, led the charge to reinstate military tuition assistance for members and veterans. He especially decried the fact that lower priority programs were getting preference in the sequester talks over military dependents scholarship funds.

What Would Happen if Military Tuition Assistance Was Drastically Cut?

If the worse case scenario happened, the ground would not fall out from under military members. According to the Marine Corps, the following alternative methods of tuition assistance can be enacted for its members:

  • The GI Bill
  • Federal student grants
  • Scholarships bestowed by a college or university
  • Federal Loans
  • Private loans bestowed by financial institutions

What Happened to the Sequester?

Senator Inhofe, along with Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC), spearheaded a successful bill that blocked President Obama from taking funding away from military scholarship funds. Even with the successful bill, military scholarship funding was temporarily halted during the recent government shutdown. Tuition assistance was reinstated once the shutdown ended.

What We Owe to the Men and Women in Uniform

President Obama and Congress played hard and fast with the futures of our men and women in the military. While we understand that cuts have to be made somewhere, government shuffling should not affect the future prospects of our military members. The men and women go all over the world to protect us. The least our government can do is pay for their education.

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