The 3 Worst Bad Habits a New Golfer Should Avoid

New golfers would probably become better golfers if they learned all of the fundamentals of the game from the very beginning. While it can be very difficult to master the proper swing, almost anyone can learn how to hold a golf club, how to stand and position the ball in your stance and how to approach the game. One can probably think of a dozen or more bad habits new golfers tend to develop and all of them can make it harder to be consistent and hit good golf shots. Three of the worst bad habits a new golfer has to avoid are as follows.

The Pre-Shot Routine

One of the things you will notice when you watch a beginning golfer play is that they tend to rush or not take enough time before attempting to hit their golf ball. It does not matter whether the golfer is on the tee with their driver or standing on the green and getting set to stroke a putt. Having a repeatable pre-shot routine before every shot serves several important purposes. First, it allows the golfer to think about the shot before actually attempting it. Taking a minute to consider how to shape your shot or where to aim it will usually result in a better golf shot. The second reason to have a regular pre-shot routine is that it helps the golfer focus and block out extraneous noise and distractions. Focus and concentration lead to better results.

Shot Selection After a Bad Shot

As a beginning golfer, you will hit a lot of bad shots. That can be expected and you should not feel too bad if you hit an occasional grounder to short or slice one into the woods. The key mistake that a new golfer makes is trying to recover from a bad shot by attempting an unrealistic shot that has very little chance of being successful. If you are stuck behind a tree 280 yards away from the green after hitting your tee shot into the woods, you should just try to advance the ball to a point where you can reach the green on your 3rd shot. The bad habit many new golfers need to avoid is trying to hit a 30 yard draw with their 3 wood around a cluster of trees and land on the green.

Not Using All the Clubs in Your Bag

Another bad habit that new golfers may develop is to only use some of their clubs. Many new players can only hit their woods or only hit their irons. They develop a dependence on one or two clubs. Perhaps they feel most comfortable hitting a 5 iron. They may use their 5 iron to hit a shot from 200 yards away and use the same club when they are just 100 yards from the flag. Do not ignore your wedge when it is the right club to use. Even though you may not hit shots accurately or consistently with the short iron, you should practice with it if you want to improve your overall game. That advice applies to all clubs in your bag. Use the appropriate club for the distance and type of shot you are trying to hit.

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