7 Reasons Why Semidoppel Should Win an iPad

After one month of waiting for Jehzlau-Concepts’ next post, at last, a new post was published. This is no ordinary article, it’s a contest organized by Jehzlau together with Sherweb Hosting as the sponsor. I know you want it, we feel the same way, we crave for it, what am I talking about? It’s the iPad which everyone wishes that they own one. Now an opportunity was given to every blogger, this is the real tablet wars.

Why should I, Semidoppel, win the iPad? Let us talk about it one by one.

ReasonNo.1: You should make me win because the only cure to the trauma I experienced after losing from the android phone contest is having the iPad. Only the touch of the iPad can awaken the Sleeping Prince.


Reason No.2: My netbook already started to show signs that I should better find a replacement before the time comes that he needs to retire. It started when the battery won’t charge anymore, so I decided to detach it. Then the internal fan doesn’t rotate automatically, you have to tap, not an ordinary tap, a slightly forceful tap which is enough to shake any stiff parts of the immovable internal exhaust fan. Thanks to Buddha who always guide and blessed my netbook so that it will function properly even though I do the stuffs I mentioned.


Reason No.3: To experience blogging in a new level, and if Sherweb chose me as the iPad winner, I will write a post for Sherweb Hosting and an advertisement to my sidebar linking to Sherweb Hosting’s website absolutely free!

Reason No. 4: Semidoppel, Sherweb and iPad are linked to each other, it was prophesized that the iPad should be given to me. Here’s the proof:


UPDATE as of April 29,2011 at 1:30 p.m.: If you Google the keyword “I should win an iPad” the very first article that will appear is the entry I made here, the prophecy is true, out of the millions of searches that appear, this post hit the number one spot, believe it or not, why don’t you try it.


Semidoppel Number One on Google Search

Reason No.5: I should win the iPad so that I can use this new “Jag Jeans Model” picture as desktop wallpaper. Wait, wait, is that me?

Reason No.6: I wrote two songs for this contest, I adapted the tune from the two famous songs of Bruno Mars, namely “Billionaire” and “Grenade”.

Winner Here

(In the tune of Bruno Mars’ “Billionaire”)

I wanna be a winner here so freaking bad
Win the iPad tablet I never had
I want to own this Apple gadget so I must win
Smiling next to other bloggers with a grin


Oh every time I close my eyes
I see the iPad’s shining lights
Unlimited browsing every night oh
I swear the worldwide web better prepare
When I win the contest here!



(in the tune of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”)

Easy come, easy go
That’s how rare you are, oh
I wanna take, take it all
But Jehz, you never give
Do you know, I haven’t slept much since the first contest,
My eyes were wide open

Why were they open? (Oh)

Gave you all I had
Then I saw my entry post in the trash
You mark it as a trash, you did
To give me the Apple IPad is all I ever asked,
Cause what you don’t understand is

I Had insomnia because of ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
To make a contest entry post for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Can’t sleep during the day for ya (yeah, yeah , yeah)
Can’t sleep during the night for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Oh, oh
I would go through all this pain,
I guess I have now a damaged brain,
Yes, I would file a leave for ya iPad;
So judges make me win..


Reason No.7: Because my company’s General Manager said so.


This effort required lots of guts, “No guts, no glory” as I always say. Imagine, I even asked the company’s General Manager, Mr.Victor Rosas to sign the campaign I made. What campaign?

Presenting, “Semidoppel Deserves the IPAD” campaign, and the first who signed the campaign is no other than Mr.General Manager. It took me hours before I have them signed the campaign because all of them are busy. I have to wait until the meeting of Mr.Rosas ends, I have to explain during the break time why I need their support to the campaign I made. Take note, these signatures are not fake, I swear to God and He is my witness. They are not just signatures from the rank and file employees, I am lucky enough to convince the supervisors and coordinators of each department.

I hope these efforts and reasons are enough to convince Jehzlau and Sherweb Hosting judges, I really really really want to have the iPad. To all fellow bloggers who joined this contest, may the best entry wins!

33 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Semidoppel Should Win an iPad”

  1. hahaha.. hmmm,,,, gahutero,, visayan term po yan brod… bisaya ng “todo-todong paghahanda”.. heheheheh.. parang “pamugasay” heheheheh.. grabeh everyone deserves an ipad.. kaso 1 lang pala ang pwedeng manalo.. hahahahah.. may the best man/woman win… hhahahaahah

  2. Tol anu po ung gahutero? Now ko lng nrinig un. At saka kaya mu yan tol, ako nwwlan din pag asa kaso alam ko n there will be a lesser and greater person than myself.

  3. Dude malamang nga hindi destined Ngayon ung iPad, cgro sken muna, then next sau. DI ba? hehehe, dont wori, at least u tried, dpt u stop the habit of cramming right? sabi nga db, daig ng maagap ang mcpag

  4. waaahhhh masyadong gahutero.. heheheh.. kung ganito ang mga kasabayan ko,, wala na akung chance to win.. hehehe.. galing!

  5. LOLs, un ang pinakasimple kong entry na ginawa, parang walng effort ano, cram na kasi ako that time Pareng JAM, NAGCORRUPT lahat ng files ko, lahat ng tinayp ko sa MS Word, pics na inedit, at orig video na ginawa NABURA lahat, few hours before the deadline! Pero oks lang, everything happens for a reason may video sana akong video at pinost below, pero dinelete ko, kasi minadali ko lang paggawa, kung nakita mo lang, maeembarass tlga ako! ahahaha! …

    I love your entry though effort na effort 🙂 God Bless!

  6. bwahahahahaahaha ang enjoy basahin nito ah! hahahahahah. may kanta pa, ikaw na si bruno marsemidoppel! hahahaha. at SEO kung SEO, top result sa Google? huwaw. hahaha. Pero paborito ko reason 1. First time kong makakita ng Sleeping Guy e. Si Sleeping Beauty lang kilala ko dati e. hahahaha!

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