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Get Creative With Text On Your Facebook Timeline Cover

November 23, 2013

One of the most important decisions that you face in creating a Facebook timeline cover photo is how much text to include, if any. It’s probably a good idea to include some, in order to get your message across. You should always have a goal with your Facebook cover photo, which will enable you to make a plan so that you can accomplish what you’re setting out to do with the digital real estate.


Common Goals

There are a few goals that are pretty much universal with Facebook timeline cover photos. First of all, you want to grab the attention of the visitor. If your Facebook timeline cover photo does not stand out, they may quickly click away from your page and go check out something else. Therefore it is important that you use something that is eye-catching and lures them in. Next, you want to convey information about your brand and company. This can be done through text or imagery, and it should intrigue them enough to lead into your third goal. That should be to keep them on your Facebook page for as much time as possible.

Within those common goals, you can also pursue more specific goals. For example, the second goal can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. You need to decide what types of things you want customers and potential customers to associate with your brand name. Do you want it to be trust, quality, customer service, speed or something else? Come up with a few core values for your company that you are trying to promote through your Facebook page. It is critical that anything that you want to promote on your page in general be addressed in the cover photo, so make that a major goal.

As you begin to design the image and consider your different options, keep your goals in mind and make sure that everything that you are doing with the photo speaks to the message that you are trying to convey. Anything else is wasted space or wasted text. If it does not achieve a goal, replace it with something that does or continue to brainstorm.

Good Ideas for Text

You can also use a word that is going to have a big impact about your brand. Some good examples would be a company like Nike that is known for the “Just Do It,” campaign, or a single word. Samsung built a campaign around the word, “Imagine.”

You can also use some easy online tools such as Facebook Cover Creator to create your own personalized covers .

Any word that is going to paint a picture in people’s minds, give them a strong positive feeling or help them to identify more with your brand will be very powerful. In these cases you can do more with one word than you could do with a paragraph. In addition, it can work nicely with the image. Though they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, not all words are easy to convey in picture form.

That’s why text ultimately has a place in your Facebook timeline cover photo as long as it is well thought out and well executed. Don’t use text just for the sake of doing it, come up with a message that helps you to meet your goals and develop a stronger connection with your current and future customers. Then you can expand the impact of your Facebook page overall.


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First Philippine All-Gundam Exposition by PGBSAC to be Hosted by Andrew E

October 30, 2013

I am a Gunpla enthusiast and a collector, but I just started collecting last May and my first kit is a Master Grade 1/100 Red Frame Astray. Among my friends I think I am the only one collecting Gundam model kits but thanks to Facebook, I found several groups of Gunpla collectors, hobbyists and modelers. I have joined several groups and just recently, I found out that Andrew E. is also a collector!

1st Philippine All-Gundam Exposition

We are on the same group called “Pinoy Gundam Builders-Sellers-Artists and Collectors” or PGBSAC and I just found out there is an upcoming event called “ The First Philippine All-Gundam Exposition ” which will be hosted by Sir Andrew E. Check the poster below for the details.

For more updates you may join the PGBSAC Facebook Group.

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The Facebook Hashtagging Debate

September 30, 2013

Since the web was created, it has always been about using the same strategy to create a brand; find a good web host, build a website and allow search engines to pick it up to rank for your brand name. Whilst this has been effective and successful for years, the inclusion of social media has emerged as a key contributor in assisting these methods. The most recent and most impactful has been the hash tag inclusion in Facebook.

facebook hashtags

Originally introduced on Twitter, hashtags can help companies to promote their services. When a tweet includes a hashtag that is trending, it can be found by a whole host of users. If a Twitter account is linked to a Facebook account, tweets can also become status updates. Because of this, hashtags are starting to increasingly appear on Facebook and are starting to divide opinion as a result.

To get started, get web hosting from a site such as, and get your social networking pages linked up. Follow those on twitter that are within the same niche and start looking at the trends relevant to you and your site. If you’re not entirely sure if you like the use of them on Facebook, here the reasons that argue both the pros and cons of using hashtags on Facebook:


Hashtags make it easier to find content

Hashtags are preferred by many people, because they make searching for content very easy. When a hashtag is used for a Facebook status, it can be clicked on and any other statuses that have it can also be found. If a word or phrase is searched for on Facebook, many pages appear which aren’t relevant at all. By entering a hashtag onto a Facebook status, it can stand out.


Brands have embraced hashtags on Facebook

Despite heavy criticism from many web users, brands continue to use hashtags on Facebook. Whether they feature in an advertising campaign or a general status update, hashtags appear on the official feeds for many brands. Various brands are hoping that as hashtags continue to be used on Facebook, members of the public will utilise them for their own status updates. However, no matter how often brands use hashtags, it remains unknown if they’ll be embraced by everyone.

Space isn’t limited on Facebook

A tweet cannot exceed 140 characters and hashtags can help it to be found. As millions of tweets are sent every day, hashtags assist in this situation. However, a Facebook status can have multiple characters. Many critics argue that as a Facebook status doesn’t have limited space, hashtags aren’t necessary.


Hashtags are distracting

As sentences are shortened on Twitter due to a minimal number of characters, hashtags play a central role in promoting a tweet. When a hashtag is on a Facebook status, it demonstrates poor grammar. As content is king on Facebook, using hashtags seems lazy.


Hashtags don’t promote interactivity

When a brand uses a hashtag on Facebook, it can be off-putting. If many hashtags are used for an advertising campaign, it won’t have a significant impact on its intended audience. When not many people embrace its message, it won’t reach a huge number of individuals.

Sharing posts on Facebook is similar to retweeting. Advertising campaigns rely on being shared because this word of mouth approach can help to boost its reach. Many web experts believe that if an advertising campaign has used hashtags, it is less likely to be shared by as many people when compared to if it contains no hashtags at all. Even if only a couple of characters follow a solitary hashtag, this can have a detrimental impact on an advertising campaign either way.


“This is a guest post from Amanda Walters, you may follow her on Twitter

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PassedOn, Leaving a Will: A Great Way to be at Peace

May 17, 2013

Most of us would rather not think or talk about dying.  So it won’t come as a surprise to hear that four out of five Filipino people have not written down any preferences regarding their own death.

Being prepared before your death will help to ease the burden on your loved ones. For instance, simple thing like leaving instructions on where things are kept will save your family searching for them, at a time when they’re likely to be upset. This could include any bank accounts, credit cards and pension details, important documents like your passport, along with birth and marriage certificates. It can also include more practical things like car and house keys, along with contact details for friends, family and colleagues.

I remember when my father died in a flash, he had an asthma attack and left many unfinished things that needs to be settled.  In his character, he’s a father who’s always like secrets and surprises.  Until after 4 days of his interment, my mom discovered money from my dad’s belongings.  I wonder if he had many secrets that need to seek like land titles, bank savings or whatever matters.  No one knows.  All I need to do is wait for a nightmare ‘til he appear and tell me his unfinished business.  It’s so funny that we’re waiting for signs by means of our dreams.  If we only knew there’s a helpful tool like PassedOn, maybe all things were settled before his death, and maybe there’s more important than money or materials things – – his thoughts, message and wishes for us that will be cherished forever.

Now, there’s a web-based tool that will help us ease our burdens even the time has come for us to let go. That’s why PassedOn has developed a range of resources to help us begin to prepare what happens after we die.


This innovative idea called PassedOn that was founded by Marc Oparq, a Dutch serial entrepreneur, a father of two lovely kids, a husband of a beautiful wife.

So what is PassedOn?  PassedOn is a free web-based global initiative for those who wish to leave a personal wish, thought or message to their loved ones in case something unexpected should happen. Whether it’s a personal message from the heart, or a crucial piece of information that needs passing on, at PassedOn people can create and leave different significant notes to different significant people: lovers, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues or even business partners.

PassedOn is not about death. In fact, members will notice that once PassedOn is a part of your daily life, it is a great way to reflect your life and its values. The website will make you realize who and what is truly important for you, and it helps you to prioritize and appreciate the loved ones and things you currently have.  Besides money, there are often emotional issues involved.  When someone dies, they may leave behind items that have sentimental value for other family members or friends.

Emotional Wills are becoming more popular – they’re a great way for you to leave your thoughts, feelings and values for others to remember.  Every emotional Will is unique, but you could think about including:

  • Your life story – what made you who you are
  • Your interests and hobbies, likes and dislikes
  • Messages, hopes and blessings for family and loved ones
  • Life lessons and advice you want to pass on

Every one of us has a certain idea of how we would like to be remembered.  When our time has come, we all have important wishes and thoughts to leave for those we care about.  Whether it’s a personal message from the heart, a love confession, a late apology or a long-kept secret, PassedOn enables members to create Emotional Wills and save them for the people they love.

To know more about this innovative concept, you may watch this short video: or visit

Guest post by:  Anchel Ocampo

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How to Determine How Much Bandwidth Your Office Needs

April 25, 2013

With all the challenges involved in setting up a new business, working out your bandwidth needs shouldn’t have to be a chore. However, choosing the right bandwidth package and internet service provider could be the difference between getting your business off the ground and falling flat on your face.

Modern Technology

Think about it; these days most phone systems run off internet connections instead of copper wires, and face-to-face meetings are being replaced by video conferencing; especially when you have clients or business partners in other states or even countries. And if your website is slow or your phone lines aren’t working, your customers will just as easily go elsewhere.

Often, if a company’s resources aren’t up-to-scratch, it’s because of poor planning; therefore, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and select the right amount of bandwidth for your office.  (more…)

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Semidoppel’s 2012 Year-End Report

December 31, 2012

Hello there! Before 2012 comes  to an end, I would like to share to you Semidoppel’s Year-End Report, yippee! This year I have published sixty (60) articles, yup you read it right, only 60. I did it on purpose because I love experimenting on this blog. Well, another experiment is on-going and I call it “drop your Alexa rank and recover it on 2013”, I’ll share with you the results if my solutions will work. With regards to my Page Rank, from PR2 this blog recovered its previous PR, and up to this date this blog is PR3. Well, so much for that, lol.

Hmm, what did I do this year?

I started 2012 accepting press releases and guest posts, and to those who submitted their articles, I thank all of you. I also accepted PRs from RAFI (Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.), they sent me PRs which are very beneficial to Filipinos.

I am a happy person and I want this blog to become lively as possible, so I made articles with touch of humor. I wrote a set of Bloggers’ Proverbs but this time it’s on English and also I published Bloggers’ Pickup Lines.

I have completed my blog’s branding after I successfully launched a blog logo/banner making contest. I didn’t expect that there are bloggers who joined even if the price is just a domain hosting and some t-shirts. It was really hard to choose which entry should win, I even asked my mentor to help me. To all those who joined, I want to thank all of you, all your entries are fascinating!

I am now one of the article writers of Always10list by JR Plaza. I enjoyed writing and researching for this site, I learned a lot and discovered a lot. This is just one of the proofs that a writer should explore and think outside the box because even in blogging, learning is a continuous process.

Talking about first time, I also filled my blog with love. I have published an online love letter to my girlfriend, I never did this before and you know what, the “kilig factor” was so intense!

This year is also the year when my site was hacked. My haters na din ako and also I experienced that upon giving one of my sincerest comments on a thread , my comment was laughed at by a member of a certain FB bloggers group. So, to abstain from bitterness, I deleted my comment. Well, at least I learned what to do or say next time.

Also, last May was my first time to attend iBlog8. At last I saw Sir Fitz, Sir Jason, Sir Kim, Madam Janet, FlairCandy, Ian Albert, Axl and Concepticon members: John Paul and Helen Mary.

bloggersSir Fitz Villafuerte and Semidoppel

It is also my first time to join Saranggola Blog Awards. My initial plan is to compete in all categories, but due to my “mañana habit” I failed to do so. As a matter of fact I finished my “tula” (poem) while drunk. Though I failed to win at SBA, I met several bloggers during the event. I met Sir Berl, Sir Bino, Sir McRich, Sir Anton, Sir Axl, Sir CJ, Sir Ron Mia (the hakot awardee of the year) and also my “lalabs” Miss Gracia Amor.


with Sir McRich

with Ms. Gracia and Axl

with Ms. Gracia and Axl

si Ikauna (Ron Mia) at si Ikatlo

si Ikauna (Ron Mia) at si Ikatlo

All Star Cast ng Artista Academy at Starstruck, LOL

All Star Cast ng Artista Academy at Starstruck, LOL

 photos from and from Mr.Axl Guinto


I also joined the Pinoy Blog Awards this year and luckily I won 3rd place. My blog entry last year didn’t make it to be one of the finalists (nominee only) and luckily this year I made it! I want to thank Sir Axl for receiving the award in my behalf, I wasn’t able to go because of the conflict in schedule.


Thank you SBA, thank you PEBA!

I want to thank God, my family, my relatives, my friends and blogmates who supported me. I also want to thank  Jehzeel, my mentor, dude I won’t stop thanking you, as I told you before, “ikaw and ugat ng blog na ito.”

There are lots of stuff that happened this year, I just chose some because man , if  I included them all here, this might look like a novel. Ayoko ma TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read).

May we have a more prosperous year! Happy reading!


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Things I Learned and Realized from the AMALAYER Incident

November 21, 2012

Yes I know that this is quite late to post, but I did it on purpose. “Ayoko maging gatong habang mainit pa ang issue”, this is what I told myself during Ms. Amalayer was on her hell week. By the way if you think that this article is about putting the blame on whom, you’re wrong! I just want to share with you the things I learned and realized from the “AMALAYER” incident. (more…)

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Explain How Blog Autofeed or Autopost Works So You Won’t Lose Your Job

September 1, 2012

It is very common in most offices or companies to prohibit their employees from using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter during work hours. There are also some who allow or unblock these sites during lunch break. There also some companies that fully block these sites. It is obvious that these sites are time-consuming and it was very unprofessional if one is utilizing these social sites even at work.  Recently, I learned that some employed bloggers experienced being accused that they are blogging or posting their articles during working hours. Though some really do it, I think employers/bosses should not generalize people in the blogosphere. We still have work ethics instilled in our minds and we apply it. (more…)

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