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Why Date a Writer?

December 26, 2013

Whether a conventional writer, a journalist, a blogger, a poet or just somebody who writes diary entries, he’s the best pick for keeps. Here’s why:

  • Writers are observant.

Women frequently complain when men don’t get our non-verbal cues on whatever feeling we are trying to send across. Since writers are observant people, they are very particular with details. They remember a lot of things, even the smallest details that we include in our actions. Men are really poor in remembering important occasions, your favorites, your diet, or even your birthday. But an observant writer knows how to remember the things that get their attention. Just make sure that their attention is yours, so they would remember you and things about you most of the time.

  • They know their way with words.

We have to admit that women love it when we are admired, flattered, and are filled with the romantic feeling that words create. Humor and wit are usually the best-sellers for women. Why? Because those are words that make women feel good. Whether words about them or words that would keep them smiling, women love a good set of assurance of somebody’s affection.

  • They are critical thinkers.

Writers think…a lot. They wouldn’t settle with surface meaning. It’s as if they read your thoughts, and they see where your argument is heading. They can anticipate your anxiety, your excitement, your possible reactions, etc. There goes sensitivity that all women want. Writers feel for you because they can understand that there are things that we can’t easily voice out. Thus, their skill in reading between the lines makes them sensitive enough to our emotions.

  • They communicate effectively.

Writers know themselves and their strength in communication. It is their best way to make people understand them and to understand others. Thus, problems are opened up. They willingly discuss, not argue, about things they need to settle. Unlike most men who want to drop a topic when conflict arises, writers deal with situations through open and proper communication. They need to know what the problem is and what they can do to fix it. Eventually, they fix it.



  • They can keep records of your happy moments.

Writers love note-taking from the traditional pen and paper to the modern touch-type notepad that they bring along. They keep records of memories through photos and write ups that would make all things immortal. Yes, writing sets immortality. You may die but his blog post about you would remain. You may leave him but his accounts of your happy memories would stay on the web (unless he deletes them). Women love to go over happy memories and the best partner who will help you fill out that traditional or electronic scrapbook of your adventures, fun and journey together is definitely a writer.

  • They are readers.

A writer is automatically a reader. Because writing is sharing a part of you and your knowledge, you can’t share without acquiring them first. Thus, they read. Readers know a lot from the latest news, to real-life concepts, to various interests that we usually love to read. They are like an updated magazine with you when you have them around. Especially if you share the same interests, they would talk or write about these things as if you are part of the reading population of a magazine called—him. They are actually better than magazines because you can interact with your favorite columnist.

  • They are artists; they see beauty that isn’t skin deep.

Writing is an art where creativity reigns. That is why writers see beauty in a unique and unconventional kind of way. They don’t set the societal standards of beauty. They usually see beauty in wit, in wisdom, in the ability to take different perspectives, and all else essential and abstract. They see the beauty that all men should see.

  • They are appreciative.

Since writers know the value of criticism and recognition when they write, they know how to deliver them as well. They would tell you honestly what you need to improve and they would tell you even the smallest detail worth of commendation. They know how important it is to critic and motivate at the same time. Thus, they appreciate the details. They know what to say to help you and at the same time make you feel loved.

  • Their creativity can make an ordinary day special.

All that you see in rom-com films, that would make you smile and wish that they happen to you, too, are made by writers. They are creative enough to think of the most unconventional yet the most romantic way to make a relationship shift from routines to adventure, from boredom to excitement, from an ordinary day to an experience filled with anticipation.

  • They know the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

They can make a world of fairytale for you from time to time with romanticism at hand. They can also be practical and tell you when to live in reality. While they extract the universal values of life from fiction and apply them in real life, they can also learn from non-fiction and avoid mistakes that other people committed. These make them good decision-makers. They know what life is inside and outside a book.

  • Their imagination is powerful (even in bed).

We all know that the most powerful stimulant that we have is the brain. Yes, the brain. It arouses all senses that would lead to wherever you want to head on. They can help you if you need a little story-telling or a touch on the kinky side of you. Words are powerful not only on paper. They are means of understanding the rhythm of your partner.

But there is one more thing after you picked a writer. Make sure that they are head over heels in love with you. Why? Because they are dangerously clever when the play around. 😉

 – Jemaima Robles

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Faulty Reasons to Engage in a Relationship (Part 2)

December 6, 2013

Here you go! This is the second part of Faulty Reasons to Engage in a Relationship. We’ll continue discussing the different reasons people use to justify the existence of a relationship. There are a lot of reasons yet there is only one that would make a relationship last. Why? Simply because all these reasons that you want to be the foundation of your relationship will never promise forever. All these perish in time, and when they fade, your commitment loses its grip. Thus, in engaging in a relationship, one must not commit only for…


  • A challenge

You met a snob and the most arrogant man alive, a player whose reputation precedes him, a heartthrob engaged to a not-so-good-looking girl or a nerd who is not interested in any woman—there goes the challenge. And to feed your ego whether you can make that person fall for you, you accepted a challenge without anyone daring you.

Why faulty?

How exciting is it that you can take control of people’s feelings? That may be exciting at first, but it will never be a commitment that would last. When the other party falls, that marks the finish line. Then all things will get boring for you and that ends everything. There’s the challenge, yet nobody wins.


  • A trophy

Ever wonder why more pretty women gets a hard time looking for the right guy? Simply because wrong men look for trophies—that girl that they can brag about in front of their friends. That girl who has almost all the qualities that a man can be proud of.  You are pretty, slim, witty, sweet, sensitive and most of all, popular—in a teenage context. You are beautiful, sexy, smart, sweet, sensitive and most of all, financially independent—in a young adult context. You get all men looking towards your direction when you walk along the corridor. But how come you ended up with a jerk, who cheated on you for the nth time? Ask yourself how you took your pick among all who wanted to be your man. It is more difficult for the ‘almost perfect girl’ to see who is sincere and who is just looking for the trophy you can be. The ‘not-so-perfect’ girl gets a good guy with less sweat because from the very beginning, these men are already aware of what they lack and they love them still. I will no longer ask why it is faulty, ‘cause that is so given. Rather,

How would you check sincerity?

Test them. Make them wait. A man who wants you to be their girl would wait, while a man who wants a trophy, when asked to sacrifice a lot of their time and patience most likely would look for other trophies that they can easily grab.


  • Collection

People love to collect. They find pride in their accomplishment of coming up with a collection worthy of praise that would make other collectors drool over. They take pride when people are in awe of their set of trophies, whether that be academic achievements, toys, decorations, cartoon characters, action figures, shoes, bags, jewelry, houses, cars and other material things that people love to hoard. There are those who collect more than what material things can offer—emotions. This lead to a collection of partners when people began partner-hopping whether at the same time or one after the other. With the same sense of collecting material things, these people find pride in bragging the number of partners they fooled, the number of virgins they had, the number of men or women who cry and beg for them to stay, just to boost their ego.

Why faulty?

Because you should never play with people’s emotions. Do I need to elaborate? I don’t think so. Finding satisfaction in this thing reveals your self-centeredness. Learn empathy. Learn the golden rule. Believe in karma. Be humane. One day, you wouldn’t want their frustrations and heartbreak yours to bear. Learn to care.


  • Benefits

Let’s face it. A lot of people now see benefits as primary characteristics why they would engage in a relationship. Sadly, there are people who see relationships as trading opportunities. There are those who want material things in exchange of themselves whether that be companionship, pleasure, popularity or even sex.

Why faulty?

These business men or women appear in the form of prostitutes. Yes, prostitutes. Prostitution is defined as the exchange of oneself for material things. So, if you are keeping your partner because s/he provides the best gifts that you want every month, or you stay in the relationship for the free ride in his sports car every day, or you get ‘favors’ and certain ‘things’ for free from him/her, or you simply wanted that free concert, movie or game ticket that s/he can give you, then, without doubt, you are a prostitute. A sincere relationship exists regardless of what the partner can offer aside from emotional fulfillment and support. It should not be founded on what you can get out of the relationship but on what both of you can give.


  • Self-search

Some people who lack self-esteem, self-confidence, self-motivation, self-discipline and all things about themselves engage in a relationship, trying to find the person who can fix them. They look for ‘the one’ who will eventually make them change into a better individual that almost everyone had been trying to help them realize.

Why faulty?

We can never ask other people to fix our emotional baggage, our problems, our inferiority complex, or our life. Always, only we can deal with these problems because we know ourselves more. It’s just a matter of stopping for awhile and reflecting on everything that you are going through. Stop, step back, and see things in a better and objective perspective. Accept that the problems come from within and you need fixing. And only you have the tools. Some would say that other people fix us. No, they don’t. They just help you realize what’s wrong and what you have to do. You can do these things on your own. It’s just a game of accepting your imperfections and fixing them.


  • A rebound

Sadly, many women play the rebound. Why? Because women know that a man’s weakness is when they are emotionally fragile. Although there are men who also do this. Have you tried giving your shoulder for him to cry on when he and his girl had a fight, while you are not even the best friend? What about trying to give advice about a relationship on the rocks, which would eventually lead to your conclusion that they should just break up?  Maybe telling him that there are a lot of better girls around, then crack a half-meant joke that that could be you? Well if you do, you’re trying for a rebound.

Why faulty?

Because rebounding is never an ideal start of a relationship, because it sets aside the emotional need of a person to move on before dealing with another one. Everyone should learn to make time to reflect, assess, accept, and forgive everything that resulted to a relationship’s end. This would liberate a person from emotional baggage that one may bring into the next relationship if unpacked. So what if you rebound for a person with emotional baggage? You would need to be the solution to a pain that you didn’t cause in the first place. It’s like fixing somebody else’s mess. If you’re ok with that, go on, give it a shot. But I can’t assure you that you can make that person heal. Why? Because the only person who can end the pain is the one who inflicted it.


  • Moving on

More and more teenagers believe that the only way to know that you have moved on is to replace the previous partner. Wrong.

Why faulty?

A new relationship will only divert your attention to a new beginning, leaving the wound of unsettled business open. The wound may no longer be in the limelight but its emotional effect on you and your current relationship would be evident. Your frustrations in the previous relationship will transfer to the current and eventually, that would frustrate your partner. Why? Because it is not his/her fault that you carry these trust issues or built that emotional wall. It is the result of a previous relationship that is unsettled, hanging and still aching because you simply covered it with all the flirting and butterflies of your current one. Moving on is acceptance of both parties’ faults and why the situation called for a break up. Always, it takes two to tango. You can never claim that you are without fault. Accept your fault, say sorry, accept his/her apology, and accept the situation. You were not meant to be together because there are more things in a relationship than hearts and hugs. You can’t also force yourself to move on right away. After acceptance, give yourself time. Evaluate yourself so you would be a better person and a better partner next time you jump into a relationship. Why spend time being single? Because time heals. There is no shortcut to healing because it is a process. You have to learn to love being single first, before you can love a commitment. Because if you can’t love solitude, you would live depending on the companionship of others. What’s wrong with that? You would make other people the pillars of your existence, thus making them the center piece of your life. So if they leave, your world shatters, nothing would be left to you. And remember, clingy partners are a total turn off.


  • A backup plan

You are so into this girl but she wouldn’t say yes. She’s waiting for that perfect time and perfect moment to be with you. Since you aren’t sure that she would say yes anytime sooner, you came up with a backup plan. You have this other girl who is so into you and willing to wait for eternity before you formally declare that you are into a relationship with her. If in case girl no. 1 would say no, you got girl no. 2 waiting. Sadly, even girls do these nowadays.

Why faulty?

If you are really sincere with the person you want to be with, you should be willing to give that sacrifice and patience she deserves. Sincerity, when proven, will definitely give that edge to make that person say yes. If you find yourself using a backup plan, there is only one person you love, and that is yourself. Since you don’t want your most precious self to be at the losing end, you prepared a win-win situation for you. If you do this, don’t commit. You will eventually use that relationship to fulfill YOUR whims and all that YOU want for YOURSELF. Learn to think of others first before committing. The world is not all about you.


Commitment entails sincerity, emotional readiness, selflessness and the only reason to commit: that you want to spend your life with that person you are in a relationship with. If you have other reasons, drop it.


“Part two of Maxim’s Guest post”

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Captain Phillips: A Review of Humanity, Poverty, Piracy and Politics

November 3, 2013

(Spoiler Alert! You might want to watch the movie before reading this post.)

I’m not really a fan of stories that deal with hostage-taking crises, military tactics, much more all things related to the sea. Maybe because I don’t know much about them, neither do I know how to swim. Thus, I find the sea as a threat to my Earthly existence. Despite my doubts if I’ll enjoy a movie like Captain Phillips, I did push my luck, hanging on the hope that it would be a good one since it is Tom Hanks.


The Setting

The movie started with a simple and static kind of setting when it showed a common room, in a common house, along a common neighborhood. Nothing would tell you that the movie would be exciting. I personally think that that set up was intentional in order to emphasize the sudden change of ordinary things into a knee-wobbling situation at sea.

The portrayal of Somalia and its people is another setting that helped the audience understand the reality of that part of the globe. This also helped those who are not familiar with the industry of pirates along the Somalian shores. The scarcity of means of living, in the entire sense of it, is briefly yet effectively shown in the haggle of Somalians for a slot in hijacking.

The other setting is when the Somalian pirates finally boarded the ship. It is noticeable that when the Somalians boarded it, they suddenly seemed out of place. The contrast of how these Somalians are clothed compared to the Americans is a distinct indicator of inequality, which is not the fault of any character in the movie, anyway. More on inequality will be discussed later.

The life boat, being a small congested place without proper ventilation and food became a sign of hopelessness. It is the captain’s capture that really hit the highest point of conflict. Maybe it is because of the sense of relief that the crew is already in control when the leader of the pirates was held hostage. Thus, the pirates need to leave the ship by a lifeboat to save one Somalian life. I personally thought, “What would happen next? It’s over, right?” This made the twist effective.

The Role of the Captain

Captain Rich Phillips is portrayed more as a family man rather than a captain in the first part of the movie. Thus, his conversation with his wife before boarding the ship. Also, this role of the character is consistently highlighted in several parts of the movie:

  • when he emailed his wife with a background of Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight
  • when he tried writing his last words for his family. It was when he was finally letting go of all hopes that he would still live
  • when he was tied and blind-folded. He knew that he would die any minute by then, yet his words didn’t utter pleas to be freed, but his last words for his family.

Aside from being a family man, Captain Phillips is a leader in control when:

  • he gave orders to his crewmen to start working after a coffee break
  • he demanded an emergency drill after researching a lot of hijacking incidents along the Somalian coast
  • he gave explicit instructions on what the crew should do before the pirates took over the ship
  • he won the argument why they need to sail straight to their destination despite the danger of another pirate attack
  • his ability to be in control of the situation during the failed pirate take over and during the hijacking incident

Moreover, Phillips is a man of sense.  The following showed this:

  • his conversation with his wife about their life, their kids, what their kids should expect in the future and how everything about their life remained difficult because of the consistent and fast changing of things
  • he convinced the Somalian pirates that they shouldn’t kill his men. He quoted what the pirate leader said pertaining to hijacking as business. And so he asked if killing people is how they deal with business. That actually saved one life.
  • even pirates recognized this when the pirate leader was told that Phillips is only trying to persuade them to surrender. It was when Phillips told them that their ‘masters’ abandoned them already, since they don’t want to mess with the marines.

I personally can’t help admire his vigilance towards anything that might help him and his men escape death.

The Somalian Pirates

They are pirates in a very different picture, but what caught my attention is their behavior. Noticeably, their capability to kill is equal to hopelessness. There is one pirate who can kill even just for a blink of an eye. There is the youngest who can’t kill Phillips, most probably because he tended to this child’s wounds. There is the leader who still listens to reason, which eventually saved his life. It is when they have given up their faith on humanity that they let go of conscience and easily kill for survival. The youngest, being least exposed to the atrocities of life, still had that bit of hope that he can save Phillips by telling him to be still and quiet.

Desperation explains why the pirates resorted to negotiations despite the fact that the presence of their elders is not at all convincing. It’s either they die or they negotiate. They knew. That is the reason why one of the pirates started panicking, almost gone crazy, when he realized that their leader had been gone for quite a while. They were as desperate as Phillips in escaping the situation.

These people would do anything for a living. Ironically, their life can’t be considered living at all. They are members of a community left without a choice but exchange their dignity with anything that would help them live another day. According to them, they were fishermen, but after everything that Phillips witnessed and realized, he said that they are not just fishermen. It may be interpreted that they are not just fishermen, but also people who have rights and deserve a decent way of living. Or, they are not just fishermen because out of all the numbing pain that life inflicted on them, they turned to be heartless criminals who are itching to kill for money.


Noticeable is the inability of the pirates to operate the ship—a technology-driven ship that people like these pirates, though familiar with the sea, are not familiar of. Before, pirates easily take over ships because all those who are familiar with the sea are capable of taking over any means of transport on water. What made the pirates fail to take over the American cargo ship is not the ability of the crew to defend themselves but basically the crew’s knowledge of the ship: how it works, where to hide, how to mislead the pirates, etc. It was even pointed out in the film that Phillips is ignorant of the condition of the Somalians. He even asked the pirates if there is anything else than being fishermen, taking ships and kidnapping. He was left speechless when one answered, “In America, maybe.” All these: less opportunities for learning, for jobs, and for development boils down to one issue—inequality among nations.

Piracy and Poverty

What this movie clearly changed is the concept of pirates. Since pirates are usually seen as cool, strong, skilled mariners especially in the characters of Captain Jack Sparrow, or Monkey D. Luffy, understanding the concept of thievery behind the term ‘piracy’ is condoned. Pirates are also stereotyped as men who possess gold and all the treasures exposed to their hunting skills. As seen in the movie, these pirates have nothing with them but desperation to take over a ship and earn money in order to live for a couple of more days. This brings to light the ignorance of people on the real problem behind piracy—poverty. It is no longer about seafarers who resort to thievery for the sake of accumulating more wealth, because those who do that, now belong in the government and no longer at sea. Piracy is inarguably an issue branching out of poverty and the failure to address the said social crisis.

It is seen in the movie that Captain Phillips wills not only to live but also to convince the pirates, especially the youngest, to surrender and save their lives. Why? Simply because the situation is not anybody’s fault. He couldn’t blame the pirates if they need to take over the ship or kidnap him. He couldn’t blame them that they need to do everything out of desperation and for survival. It is the same reason why the captain cried at the end of the movie. It was not a cry of relief. The shock was caused by the blood of these unfortunate men splattered all over him. It was emphasized when he said, “They are not mine,” referring to the blood all over him when he was talking to the first-aider at the end of the film. Killing these men was the only way out of the situation, but it does not justify the loss of lives. It is far beyond justification, and in order to emphasize that, the youngest pirate had to die as well. The captain and the pirates are all victims of a monster that feeds on the unfed –poverty.

A Taste of Trauma

Phillips’ struggle in the life boat is a taste of the every day of the Somalian pirates. Hunger, thirst, desperation. The ignorance of the well-fed, well-tended citizens of a rich country is suddenly enlightened by this misfortune for a captain like Phillips. Just like the Somalians, Phillips experienced hunger and thirst. He almost emptied a water container when given a chance to drink. As desperate as the Somalians just to live everyday, Phillips desperately strived to escape the situation and with much significance and symbol, he failed. What does this tell us? The condition in Somalia is a life-death situation for all these people. No matter how hard they try to escape death that trails them in every kidnapping, hijacking or even mere existence on that place, it’s useless—as useless as the escape of Phillips. The trauma that Phillips received is just a slap of the everyday struggle and numbing existence of the people of Somalia.

Is everything really gonna be alright?

“Everything’s gonna be alright” had been mentioned frequently by the pirate leader, and was mentioned by the first-aider at the end of the movie, just to calm Phillips after three men were shot just to save him. The first time it was mentioned, it was to assure Phillips that once they reach the shore of Somalia, and the American government provides ransom, he would live. But when it was mentioned again, I personally think that it is no longer for Phillips but for the pirates to assure themselves that they would reach the Somalian shore despite all efforts of the military to save the captain. In the end, it became an empty assurance to Phillips that there would be a solution to the hopeless situation of the Somalian people who live just to die.

There is hope, only if they be sensitive

Note the effort of the American government to save Phillips and to intercept the life boat from reaching the shores of Somalia. It was the government who successfully resolved the conflict. It was the government who came up with a well-thought-of plan to save the captain’s life and avoid further political problems that may arise if the captain is taken hostage in Somalia. This is a wakeup call that it is also the government who has the power to resolve the social issues of poverty and inequality.

But just like the marines in the movie, their goal is to save Phillips by all means. This is regardless of the lives of the Somalians. That is how it is now. The government of rich countries looks after the welfare of their people alone. When will the world be sensitive to the needs of our neighboring countries? When will the rich countries understand that these people also need a government who would help them live a humane life?

In the end, Captain Phillips is not about the captain nor hijacking, but the realization that the world is not limited within your nation’s boundaries. It is about people. It is about nations. It is about the truth that your reality is not the reality of others. Because the reality of some is to accept death as fate.


“This is Ms. Jemaima Robles’ movie review”

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Media and Parenting: A Better Route to Learning

October 26, 2013

Media has become one of the most influential factors affecting the development of children today. This brought an undebatable concern that parents should cope with the changes in child-rearing, which includes the major considerations of technology and its influence in child development. I’m not going to talk about good parenting. Instead, I would simply emphasize on the parents’ need to understand how childhood has changed so much into a technology-driven personality development. And these new ways of learning are greatly influenced by television.

When I was a kid, television is only available to the financially-capable families. I even had the experience of peeping into a neighbor’s window just to watch my favorite cartoon on black and white screen. That is why my childhood had been filled with outside activities and physically-challenging hobbies. I grew up understanding that childhood was supposed to be about getting dirty, hitting someone with or getting hit by a dodge ball, exhausting yourself till you run out of breath, and everything tiring yet fun. Playmates are physically present and highly competitive kids who aim to outrun or outwit you in street games.

Nowadays, television has become a necessity in all households. It is not at all surprising that even homes that are 6-square-feet big has a television. A lot of kids are not even interested to play outside anymore, since television and other forms of entertainment that doesn’t require physical effort are readily available. This is precisely the reason why children began learning from television instead of child play, and this form of media dominated other factors that ought to influence a child’s growth. This isn’t bad at all. It’s just that, television needs a lot of help from parents in order to provide positive influence and eventually cater to a new and effective way of learning. Parents should be aware of what the television offers to their kids as much as how conscious they are on what to feed them in every meal time. A healthy set of programs carefully chosen by parents would definitely do the trick. I even saw possibilities of a variety of channels that would help any parent on this—one example is what sky tv offers.

Again, television should be a guided learning experience for children. If there would be less contact time with kids, and the best you can do for your children is allow them to watch their choice of programs on their own, you are exposing your kids to the danger of absorbing EVERYTHING that the media offers—which you would most likely regret afterwards.

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Lipat Bahay

October 14, 2013

Lipat Bahay


Mga kaibigan, ang inyong lingkod sana ay mapagbigyan

Bigyang pansin at magkukuwento, ilalahad ang mga napagdaanan

Huwag mag-alala sapagkat Tagalog ko’y di lalaliman

Hindi magiging mahirap unawain, tula’y madaling maiintindihan


Simula noong ako ay ipinanganak kami ay nagrerenta na

Ng isang bahay sa “compound” sa looban ng Esguerra

Kaming dalawang magkapatid ay doon nagsimula

Makipaglaro at makipaghabulan, maging sa lupa’y madapa.


Sa tahanan naming doon, ako ay sinusundo

Upang dumalo ng “Bible Study”, aya ng mga kalaro

Nag-ibayo ang pananalig sa Diyos simula noong musmos pa

Ito ay lubos na nagdulot ng kasiyahan kay ama at ina.


Bago pumasok sa elementarya, kami’y muling lumipat

Sa isang bahay kung saan ang paaralan ay halos katapat.

Sa una ay hatid at sundo ng mga magulang, maging ng mga kuya

Ngunit lumao’y sinabi, “pagpasok at pag-uwi po ay kaya ko na.”


Sa tahanang iyon, nagsimulang tumayo sa sariling paa

Kailangang gawin ang mga bagay-bagay na kaya naman na

Hindi kailangang pang iasa, magkaroon dapat ng pagkukusa

Sapagkat mga magulang na galing sa trabaho ay maaring pagod na.


Lumipas ang maraming taon kami’y lumipat ulit

Tila sanay na kaming dalawang magkapatid na makukulit

Ngayon naman ang tahanan ay may “basketball court” sa likuran

Tinuruang mag-dribble at bumuslo, salamat sa aking pinsan.


Apat na taon ang lumipas, malamang alam niyo na

Sa ibang lugar kami ay siyempre… muli na namang nagrenta

Sa tahanang yaon, ay merong bagong bunsong lumitaw

Isang batang lalaking malusog, “Wafu” ang naging palayaw.


Itong munting anghel ay mistulang aking kabiyak na bunga

Anumang anggulo tingnan, kamukha ng kaniyang kuya

Kapag siya ay pinupuri ng mga tao, ako ay napapangiti

“Nakakagigil, napaka-kyut, ang pogi-pogi!”


Di pa diyan nagtatapos ang paglipat ng aming tahanan

Dumating ang punto na kami’y naghirap, tumira sa kabundukan

Pamilya ay di nabuwag, sinikap na muling makabangon

Tinulungan ang mga sarili, tinulungan ng Panginoon!


Ngayon nga ay patuloy na bumabangon, unti-unting sumusulong

Pamilya ay hinahanap-hanap dahil nakabukod na ng bubong

Ngunit ako ay malayo man, ay di mawawala sa isipan

Ang pagmamahal at kalinga na naranasan sa aking mahal na tahanan.


Sa bagong tahanang itataguyod ay inyong pakaasahan

Isasaloob at isasaisip, lahat ng pinagdaanan

Magiging bagong tahanan at pamilya ay di pababayaan

Isasagawa ang mga natutunan sa anim na tahanan na nirentahan.


“Ito ang aking lahok sa Saranggola Blog Awards 5


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Just When You Thought You’ve Found the One

September 16, 2013

A 16-year-old girl once asked me, “Miss, what is true love?” I was not surprised by the question, since I had the same thing in mind when people started getting into relationships when I was in high school; though I have to admit that I couldn’t rack my brains for the best answer. I didn’t even try figuring out the answer way back then. Why? People would usually say that it couldn’t be explained and that understanding it is not probable. So the search of what it is and what it’s made of reached its dead end. The problem with this is that kids are brought up with the idea of true love where it breaks sleeping enchantments, transforms beasts to princes, motivates search for the missing owner of a glass slipper, turns fishtails to feet; the list goes on and the orientation of this true love came from the fairy tales that children read, yet, none of these explain what makes love true. This ambiguity leads to a lot of misconceptions, making people fall and stick with the wrong partner or worse, the wrong situation. Since I personally don’t know the answer, allow me to equate true love with finding the perfect match.

This diagram that I saw in 9Gag helped me with the task of explaining why some sorts of love aren’t true. First, let us all assume that people are of their legal age. J Then, take a look at the diagram below:

love diagram

What makes a couple?

Couples are the most common, since people would usually look for someone who would be compatible with them in the concept of love and sex. This search for a partner starts with physical attraction, chemistry, and commonalities in interests. This may be followed by checking compatibility in life style, circle of friends, values, principles and all things that concern someone who would like to have a partner who is expected to stay for good. Whether we admit it or not, people have started checking even their compatibility in bed. When all is good— there you go— you have a partner. I bet you already had this check list in mind, pointing one thing after the other, if you and your partner would fall under ‘couple.’ I am not against anything with this category, because this is the concept of relationship that most people hold on to. In fact, everything feels right being in this relationship. It’s just that, these components can’t assure a lasting one. When people feel the butterflies and passion in a relationship, it is not an assurance that these wouldn’t fade, especially when times test how far the two of you can go. The status would demand a lot from both parties, and adjustments would have to be made especially when you get married. People change through time. That is inevitable. That is why it is helpful to understand that all things that would require effort, understanding, appreciation and acceptance of everything about your partner will require not love, not sex, but friendship. When passion, romance, flirting and all things of youth fade, it is friendship that stays.

What makes “F” buddies?

Yes, you read it right. Bleep buddies (Edited by Webmaster: I know you already know this word) exist in the situation of other women, third parties, friends with benefits, ex’s coming back but will not commit, and all other things people would like to claim as ‘complicated’ status. Morality aside, this is not a case of ‘we had the right love at the wrong time’ thingy. This a matter of knowing what is real and what is not. Apparently, people who expose themselves to this kind of relationship would usually fail to see that only sex and friendship lie between them. These people mistake that friendship which makes them feel good with this person is comparable to love. And since they are at ease, or rather intense, with each other on bed, they fool themselves that they’ve found their perfect match. One thing would deny this claim, which is the existence of the complicated situation where they have subjected themselves. If love does exist between these people, they wouldn’t be in such a mess. How? First, a third party will never be third if a person loves the man/woman enough to let go of all the inhibitions; whether that be wrath of other people, or of the aggrieved party, or of common friends. Also, people will not protect themselves from the demands of a relationship or the pain that goes with it, if one really loves his/her partner. Obviously, these people love only themselves and not you. Therefore, sex and friendship wouldn’t go against all odds, unlike what you think.

What makes things complicated?

Let us now go to the real complicated status. When friendship is established and love blooms out of it, you are opening three possibilities: finding a perfect match, getting stuck in friendzone or losing a great friend forever. With these risks, most people in this situation find it too complicated that they even subscribe to Ramon Bautista and read his “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?” or admitting to yourself that you are a best friend forever (bff) which ends all hopes of taking it to the next level. This is actually the best, yet the most difficult way to start your quest in finding the one. Moreover, this requires a lot of courage from men (or women), to dare themselves to break the friendship bond that they’ve nourished through the years, or else, they would need to break themselves upon watching their friend find somebody else fill the space that ought to be theirs. Had you had this concept of first come, first served basis, you would definitely crumble to pieces. So what makes things complicated? You. And that is a big problem. Maybe you would like to work that out.

These boil down to one point that when you look for your perfect match, the place where you can find him/her is not limited with school, workplace, social networking sites, parties, reunions, beaches, speed dating events, or anywhere else we see appropriate to find the opposite (or sometimes not the opposite) sex. Why? Because it’s not a matter of place. It is a matter of time. It is time that builds friendship; time that knocks you to your senses; and time that gathers confidence so that a couple, or “f” buddies, or complicated situations will not remain such. Time would make them bridge the other circle that they lack, thus finding true love.

Because great things take time.


“Another Must-read article from Ms. MAXIM.”

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Pondering Shopping Now and Then

September 14, 2013

Shopping with my mom is one of my favorite activities when I was still very young. It’s my favorite because it is very seldom that we go to malls and supermarkets to buy stuff because we are not rich. Although we are not wealthy enough and I can only count how many times we go shopping each year, I can still recall how we enjoy those shopping moments. Also, as I was reminiscing the old times, I can’t help not to compare about the changes on how people used to shop and I was also thinking if there’s something that remain unchanged.

Let me start with a very common scenario which we see whenever we go shopping. I do not know if a legacy was passed from generation to generation or it is just a kid’s natural behavior to ride on shopping carts. When I was still a kid, my mom usually put me inside the shopping cart because I was so persistent in riding it. I was also pretty hyperactive when we go shopping, I used to grab random stuff and put it in the shopping cart and my mom will wonder why something not included on her list was inside the cart. Putting me inside the cart makes me enjoy every moment of shopping because I am imagining that I am driving my own car… it’s my imaginary Ferrari. Now that I have a little brother, I used to put him in a cart and maneuver it like a drifting sports car, but I only do it when no one watching, if caught I might get scolded.


Now, tackling about the differences I noticed about shopping now and then, we really cannot deny the effect of technology, the use of internet in particular. Unlike before, we have to visit and check our local malls and supermarkets to see what’s on sale. Now, we can go shopping online and even see what items are on sale just by browsing the store’s website. Also, the uses of discount or promo coupons just like these Snapdeal Coupon Codes which local citizens’ use if ever they have something to purchase online is not common during those times. But now we can see lots of them and by using discount or coupon codes, a consumer can really save a lot.


The SHOPPING CART Now and Then…

Another aspect wherein I noticed the difference is the use of “shopping cart”. As we all know, shopping carts in stores still exist (those four-wheeled metal baskets), but when we are purchasing online, this shopping cart is not the one we push and pull while we are selecting goods, it is a clickable icon. This icon becomes our cyber shopping cart wherein all our selected goods from an online store are listed as we check out. Upon checking out, the amount will be summed up and then the consumer can now pay with his preferred mode of payment.

Talking about Simple Advantages: One of the advantages of manual shopping is that you can be meticulous in selecting items. You can see the quality as well as the expiration date if you are buying consumable goods. On the other hand, in online shopping, we can do payments online and if we are busy and no time to drop by our local stores, online shopping sites usually offer delivery (even free) if we want our purchased items delivered to us.

Well, it does not matter how we shop, what matter is the enjoyment and contentment it brings whenever we purchase things we need. Have fun shopping!

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On Real Men and Reel Men

September 8, 2013

Why are you single?

A lot of friends would usually ask this question, and most of the time, it’s because they are a bit bothered why at your age, you remained single. In fact, a lot of my friends ask me this question, and somehow, though asked quite frequently, they still catch me at a loss for words. So I decided to think about it and give them a consistent and justified answer. Answer? Because real, good-looking men are already taken; if not, they’re gay. When I say real, I’m not pertaining to sexuality or gender preference. They are real because they are worth keeping. One image from google made me change my mind though:


I would agree on some points that this diagram would present, taken from experiences that made me quite certain that real men are near extinction.

Attractive + Smart = Jerk:

These men are the ones who usually get our attention first, because they know exactly what to do just   to make heads turn. Also, these are the sooth-sayers, flatterers, and smooth hunks that may qualify to Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. They know how the woman’s mind works and they are ready to please each and every whim of a female. When I say attractive, that includes, but is not limited to, the physical features. Attractive men may be oozing with charm, gentleness, or the personality that would sweep any woman off her feet. Since they are smart, they talk with sense, creativity, humor and all the interesting things for women, precisely because they know what a woman wants to hear and feel. Being attractive is like an awesome packaging, while being smart would be the luscious chocolate that would melt any woman’s logic. And just like chocolates, they’re not good for the heart.


Attractive + Nice = Dumb:

These men are head-turners, too, but a total turn off when you get to know them. Maybe it’s my preference that men are supposed to be smart. Smart enough to take me down on arguments or anywhere else. Anyway, they are what we call ‘eye candies’ and would definitely qualify if you need a trophy boyfriend; but only girls would want such, not women. You can imagine seeing their face first thing in the morning, but would eventually get tired that you would need to do all the thinking. And because most dumb men are ruled by their ego, they usually don’t understand when your opinions would matter most of the time, since theirs are not worth considering—they take it as domination. Though men allow domination in selective circumstances, they never liked being dominated in decision-making. This would lead to misunderstandings, and eventually a heart-breaking issue, rocking the relationship that would eventually end. They are like triple-layered decorative cakes that are so beautiful, you can’t eat them, which is a good choice. Because when you do, you’ll realize that the sparkling and mouth-watering designs are not edible.


Smart + Nice = Nerd:

These men are usually off the spotlight. They value working in silence and privacy, and it’s even hard to tell if they are interested with women at all. These are those that you meet in book sales, libraries, museums, historical places, symposia, conferences and anywhere educational. They may not be attractive when you meet them, but they can definitely amuse you with all the information that you are missing your entire life. That is actually great in my opinion. It’s just that, too much of everything becomes too dry and you would want to say, “Stop. Info overload.” Most nerds would usually have problems finding the real-world essence out of all their intellectual gains, eventually failing to apply them. They rely on what is printed, but never their experience; thus, making them conclude that reading is as good as experiencing, which is not true. Their world is limited with the pages and educational places which make them fear things that are out of the pages; making them fear risks, making them too predictable. And we have to admit, women love men who are daredevils in their respective domain. I guess it goes with the macho idea that men have to be bold enough to fight and stick with a woman despite all odds.


Smart + Nice + Attractive = Gay?

If you would add all the positive points that women would dig out of these men, then drop all the ones that you find revolting, according to the diagram, you’ll have gay for a partner. This is the part of the diagram that I wouldn’t agree with. That circle which overlaps all positive traits should be divided into two. Gay and Real Men. Yes, you read it right. There is a very thin line that divides the gender of biologically structured men. The only difference is that they prefer men and women respectively. I’ve met a man who is extremely attractive, amusingly smart and incredibly nice. No, he’s not gay. It’s just that, he’s already taken. They exist. But with the men population divided with these categories, the probability of finding one is a shoot for the stars. Usually, they are already taken because a lot of women are smart enough to keep them and do everything just to make them stay. Yes, it’s a first come, first served basis I should say. And if you are not lucky enough to bump into one, most likely, you are single. Now what if, you bump into a jerk, or a dumb, or a nerd? I say, push your luck if they would love you and eventually become real men. A jerk in love would drop all pretenses, keep his warmth and treat you right. A nerd in love would be willing to face his fears and enjoy life as how you would. A dumb in love would learn to listen to reason rather than ego. In short, real men don’t just exist; women can make them. I guess that’s why they would say that behind the success and fall of a man is woman. Assuming that all women are worthy of love, we are capable of love that transforms, not because we insist, but because men love us enough to do anything to keep us. Let us not forget that women would also vary, but that is another topic for another post.


After all that I said, what is my final answer? Why am I single? Real men are hard to find because most of them are taken, those that are not are gay or too few to be found by luck or serendipity. My point is, I’m too busy to look for them or to start transforming jerks. 😀


This is a guest post from my friend “MAXIM“.

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