Why Date a Writer?

Whether a conventional writer, a journalist, a blogger, a poet or just somebody who writes diary entries, he’s the best pick for keeps. Here’s why:

  • Writers are observant.

Women frequently complain when men don’t get our non-verbal cues on whatever feeling we are trying to send across. Since writers are observant people, they are very particular with details. They remember a lot of things, even the smallest details that we include in our actions. Men are really poor in remembering important occasions, your favorites, your diet, or even your birthday. But an observant writer knows how to remember the things that get their attention. Just make sure that their attention is yours, so they would remember you and things about you most of the time.

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Faulty Reasons to Engage in a Relationship (Part 2)

Here you go! This is the second part of Faulty Reasons to Engage in a Relationship. We’ll continue discussing the different reasons people use to justify the existence of a relationship. There are a lot of reasons yet there is only one that would make a relationship last. Why? Simply because all these reasons that you want to be the foundation of your relationship will never promise forever. All these perish in time, and when they fade, your commitment loses its grip. Thus, in engaging in a relationship, one must not commit only for…

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Faulty Reasons to Engage in a Relationship (Part 1)

“To those who think  they are ready to engage in a relationship, here’s an article that might made you reflect before deciding.”

Are you in a relationship? Or are you planning to be in one? Get yourself checked first if you are ready with the right reasons. In engaging in a relationship, one must not commit only for…

Captain Phillips: A Review of Humanity, Poverty, Piracy and Politics

(Spoiler Alert! You might want to watch the movie before reading this post.)

I’m not really a fan of stories that deal with hostage-taking crises, military tactics, much more all things related to the sea. Maybe because I don’t know much about them, neither do I know how to swim. Thus, I find the sea as a threat to my Earthly existence. Despite my doubts if I’ll enjoy a movie like Captain Phillips, I did push my luck, hanging on the hope that it would be a good one since it is Tom Hanks.

The Setting

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Media and Parenting: A Better Route to Learning

Media has become one of the most influential factors affecting the development of children today. This brought an undebatable concern that parents should cope with the changes in child-rearing, which includes the major considerations of technology and its influence in child development. I’m not going to talk about good parenting. Instead, I would simply emphasize on the parents’ need to understand how childhood has changed so much into a technology-driven personality development. And these new ways of learning are greatly influenced by television.

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Lipat Bahay

Lipat Bahay

Mga kaibigan, ang inyong lingkod sana ay mapagbigyan

Bigyang pansin at magkukuwento, ilalahad ang mga napagdaanan

Huwag mag-alala sapagkat Tagalog ko’y di lalaliman

Hindi magiging mahirap unawain, tula’y madaling maiintindihan

Simula noong ako ay ipinanganak kami ay nagrerenta na

Ng isang bahay sa “compound” sa looban ng Esguerra

Kaming dalawang magkapatid ay doon nagsimula

Makipaglaro at makipaghabulan, maging sa lupa’y madapa.

Sa tahanan naming doon, ako ay sinusundo

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Just When You Thought You’ve Found the One

A 16-year-old girl once asked me, “Miss, what is true love?” I was not surprised by the question, since I had the same thing in mind when people started getting into relationships when I was in high school; though I have to admit that I couldn’t rack my brains for the best answer. I didn’t even try figuring out the answer way back then. Why? People would usually say that it couldn’t be explained and that understanding it is not probable. So the search of what it is and what it’s made of reached its dead end. The problem with this is that kids are brought up with the idea of true love where it breaks sleeping enchantments, transforms beasts to princes, motivates search for the missing owner of a glass slipper, turns fishtails to feet; the list goes on and the orientation of this true love came from the fairy tales that children read, yet, none of these explain what makes love true. This ambiguity leads to a lot of misconceptions, making people fall and stick with the wrong partner or worse, the wrong situation. Since I personally don’t know the answer, allow me to equate true love with finding the perfect match.

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Pondering Shopping Now and Then

Shopping with my mom is one of my favorite activities when I was still very young. It’s my favorite because it is very seldom that we go to malls and supermarkets to buy stuff because we are not rich. Although we are not wealthy enough and I can only count how many times we go shopping each year, I can still recall how we enjoy those shopping moments. Also, as I was reminiscing the old times, I can’t help not to compare about the changes on how people used to shop and I was also thinking if there’s something that remain unchanged.

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On Real Men and Reel Men

Why are you single?

A lot of friends would usually ask this question, and most of the time, it’s because they are a bit bothered why at your age, you remained single. In fact, a lot of my friends ask me this question, and somehow, though asked quite frequently, they still catch me at a loss for words. So I decided to think about it and give them a consistent and justified answer. Answer? Because real, good-looking men are already taken; if not, they’re gay. When I say real, I’m not pertaining to sexuality or gender preference. They are real because they are worth keeping. One image from google made me change my mind though:

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