Santiago-Tulfo Brawl and Many More: Some Pinoys Can’t Help Not to Spoof (Updated!)

Yeah! The fight between Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather is over last Sunday but here’s another shocking incident that recently occurred. We all know the brawl that happened between Ramon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago at NAIA Terminal 3 is the trending news today. Actually I’ve been waiting for something, I have a prediction that stuffs like this will appear, and I am right. What are they? Spoofed Images aka Memes!

Andi Eigenmann Will Not Leave “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin”

It was confirmed through the statement of Biboy Arboleda, advertising and promotions manager of “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin” that Andi Eigenmann will stay in the teleserye. This report was verified on so the rumors that Andi might not be seen on the teleserye are not true.

Karen Gilian Found Naked

After the night of long partying of the cast and crew at “The Ace Hotel” in Manhattan after their promotional trip at the Big Apple, a scandalous event happened on one of them! Karen Gilian was found naked in the hotel corridor! It was seven in the morning when the 23-year old Doctor Who star was seen by a hotel guest while trying to open the door.

Lady Gaga Got Sued

“Born This Way” singer Lady Gaga, also known on her real name as Stefani Germanotta was sued by 1800LAWFIRM, a Michigan legal network. According to them, all the sales on the “We Pray for Japan” wristbands were not given to the Japan victims as Lady Gaga promised. The wristband is a white and red rubber with “We Pray for Japan” logo in it and it costs $5.

Google I/O Features the Android Innovation

Google I/O is an annual conference hosted by Google where web developers discuss different technologies. Today’s Google I/O is takes place at Moscone West Convention Center located in San Francisco, from May 19 to 20. This year, they will feature about the latest operating system they designed, the Android, and will tackle about Google Chrome, APIs and many more.

Leaked Version of Britney Spears Singing Lady Gaga’s Telephone

One of the top searches today is the rumored version of Britney Spears singing the smashing hit by Lady Gaga. The “Telephone” a song made by Lady Gaga was rumored that it was written by Gaga herself and a song producer named Darkchild for Britney Spears.

Matt Evans Photo Scandal

Matt Evans is a Filipino actor who recently admitted that he is in the photo showing an intimate moment with a girl. The girl was rumored to be his non-showbiz girlfriend, she might be the real life sweetheart of the actor because Matt did not confirm or even denied it.