• Celebrity Look-Alike Part Two!

    Are you still familiar with my “Pinoy Celebrity Look-Alike” article? If you are not, you may click the link to see it, but beware, a certain curse was enchanted to that article. Did you survived the “baog curse” I casted to anyone who will not agree that the last set of celebrities are really familiar? Well, if you do, I have another set of celebrities who I think have a very good resemblance to each other. But this time, there’s no ‘hocus-focus’ this is my simple treat to those who survived.


    Allan K and Pido Jarencio


    Mr. Fu and Wency Cornejo


    Smokey Manaloto and Sheryn Regis


    Sarah Lahbati and Ellen Adarna


    Rhian Ramos and Jessica Simpson


    Lady Gaga and the “Penguin” (Batman)


    Lito Camo and Keempee de Leon


    Jennica Garcia ang Regine Angeles




    Junal Navarrete (my friend and officemate) and Ramon Bautista







    What can you say? Pinagbiyak na Bunga: More Fun in the Philippines!





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    11 thoughts on “Celebrity Look-Alike Part Two!

    • Nonoy says:

      hehehe; yung c Allan K at Pido Jarencio classic. parang ang layo atah nung Kempee at Lito Camo. hehe. 😉

    • rojan88 says:

      wahahaha ang kulit. dpat sinama mo rin si erik santos at roderick paulate hehe.

      Semidoppel Reply:

      hmmmm uu nga no? cge cge sa part 3!

    • elsi says:

      pag dinagdag mo si dingdong dantes kina mr fu at wency, meron ka ng good, better, best…..very entertaining!!!pero si junal parang hawig din ni jose…hehehe

      Semidoppel Reply:

      Ma’am ok yan ah! Tingin ko challenge sken yanm gumawa ng good better best!

    • Aj Banda says:

      para sa akin mas kamukha ni Jennica si Tin ng PBB, yung anak ni Patrimonio :)

      hmmm.. galing magkamukha nga si Wenct at Mr. Fu… :p

      Semidoppel Reply:

      CGe Idol AJ, sa part 3 lalagay ko

    • alibadbad at balbal says:

      Smokey = Sheryn Regis… hehehe

      Si Junal machong Ramon, pusong mamon… hahaha

      Semidoppel Reply:

      Dabest diba bayaw? Pero walang tatalo kay JUnal xempre!

    • JoMi says:

      Pinaka panalo yung kay Mr. FU at Wency, magkamukha talaga eh! hehehe! =)

      Semidoppel Reply:

      SApul! hahaha

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