Cultural Shift Ensures Popularity of Digital Downloading

It seems everyone today is downloading something from the internet, and some are ending up in jail because of it while others are slapped with big fines. For the most part, thought, it’s all perfectly legal and it’s how much media is now obtained.

People are always after entertainment content online – music, in audio and video; books; TV programmes; and even whole feature films, a feat made possible using torrent technology that enables quick downloads of massive files.

Computing devices, from PCs to tablets, smartphones and ereaders, are just empty storage machines waiting to be filled with content, thus driving demand for all manner of files.

The rise of the digital download has come about in recent years thanks to the greater availability of bandwidth and the provision of large data packages, in some cases unlimited data usage, from internet and mobile providers. Many people who are downloading content no longer have to worry about exceeding their data allowances and being hit with big bills.

For content producers, such as music companies, concerns that digital downloading of their material would hurt their industry and cause some firms to collapse have been allayed by findings that even though in many cases such legal downloads are shared among people, they still serve to boost the industry as a whole.

Studies – one by the London School of Economics – have shown that digital downloads in the music sector have helped to offset losses with declining CD and record sales. Just as vinyl gave way to CDs, they too are giving way to the evolution of media consumption, now in the form of digital downloads. It’s all part of a cultural change in people’s interaction with the various forms of creative media.

The wildly energetic gaming sector is also getting in on the digital downloading action. A quarter of those surveyed for a large study in the United States said they preferred to download their games rather than getting them as physical copies.

Showing a clear move towards digital downloading, 36 percent of the 6,000 people surveyed as representative of the US population said they had downloaded games. Nearly everyone downloading games said they did so to their PCs, at 90 percent of respondents, with two-thirds of those owning games consoles saying they downloaded several games a year.

If it’s music video you’re after, there are sites where you can do it without breaking any laws, allowing you to follow your favourite artists and their latest hits. A healthy download speed with land them on your hard drive in seconds.

Various sites now allow for legal downloads of popular television programmes, and some have been downloaded so many times (millions) in short periods of time that it has helped to drastically boost shows’ popularity.

It appears that today’s consumer does not wish to be tied down to any one device, such as a television or radio, but wants freedom not only in their choice of media but also in how they consume it.

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