Why Date a Writer?

Whether a conventional writer, a journalist, a blogger, a poet or just somebody who writes diary entries, he’s the best pick for keeps. Here’s why:

  • Writers are observant.

Women frequently complain when men don’t get our non-verbal cues on whatever feeling we are trying to send across. Since writers are observant people, they are very particular with details. They remember a lot of things, even the smallest details that we include in our actions. Men are really poor in remembering important occasions, your favorites, your diet, or even your birthday. But an observant writer knows how to remember the things that get their attention. Just make sure that their attention is yours, so they would remember you and things about you most of the time.

  • They know their way with words.

We have to admit that women love it when we are admired, flattered, and are filled with the romantic feeling that words create. Humor and wit are usually the best-sellers for women. Why? Because those are words that make women feel good. Whether words about them or words that would keep them smiling, women love a good set of assurance of somebody’s affection.

  • They are critical thinkers.

Writers think…a lot. They wouldn’t settle with surface meaning. It’s as if they read your thoughts, and they see where your argument is heading. They can anticipate your anxiety, your excitement, your possible reactions, etc. There goes sensitivity that all women want. Writers feel for you because they can understand that there are things that we can’t easily voice out. Thus, their skill in reading between the lines makes them sensitive enough to our emotions.

  • They communicate effectively.

Writers know themselves and their strength in communication. It is their best way to make people understand them and to understand others. Thus, problems are opened up. They willingly discuss, not argue, about things they need to settle. Unlike most men who want to drop a topic when conflict arises, writers deal with situations through open and proper communication. They need to know what the problem is and what they can do to fix it. Eventually, they fix it.



  • They can keep records of your happy moments.

Writers love note-taking from the traditional pen and paper to the modern touch-type notepad that they bring along. They keep records of memories through photos and write ups that would make all things immortal. Yes, writing sets immortality. You may die but his blog post about you would remain. You may leave him but his accounts of your happy memories would stay on the web (unless he deletes them). Women love to go over happy memories and the best partner who will help you fill out that traditional or electronic scrapbook of your adventures, fun and journey together is definitely a writer.

  • They are readers.

A writer is automatically a reader. Because writing is sharing a part of you and your knowledge, you can’t share without acquiring them first. Thus, they read. Readers know a lot from the latest news, to real-life concepts, to various interests that we usually love to read. They are like an updated magazine with you when you have them around. Especially if you share the same interests, they would talk or write about these things as if you are part of the reading population of a magazine called—him. They are actually better than magazines because you can interact with your favorite columnist.

  • They are artists; they see beauty that isn’t skin deep.

Writing is an art where creativity reigns. That is why writers see beauty in a unique and unconventional kind of way. They don’t set the societal standards of beauty. They usually see beauty in wit, in wisdom, in the ability to take different perspectives, and all else essential and abstract. They see the beauty that all men should see.

  • They are appreciative.

Since writers know the value of criticism and recognition when they write, they know how to deliver them as well. They would tell you honestly what you need to improve and they would tell you even the smallest detail worth of commendation. They know how important it is to critic and motivate at the same time. Thus, they appreciate the details. They know what to say to help you and at the same time make you feel loved.

  • Their creativity can make an ordinary day special.

All that you see in rom-com films, that would make you smile and wish that they happen to you, too, are made by writers. They are creative enough to think of the most unconventional yet the most romantic way to make a relationship shift from routines to adventure, from boredom to excitement, from an ordinary day to an experience filled with anticipation.

  • They know the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

They can make a world of fairytale for you from time to time with romanticism at hand. They can also be practical and tell you when to live in reality. While they extract the universal values of life from fiction and apply them in real life, they can also learn from non-fiction and avoid mistakes that other people committed. These make them good decision-makers. They know what life is inside and outside a book.

  • Their imagination is powerful (even in bed).

We all know that the most powerful stimulant that we have is the brain. Yes, the brain. It arouses all senses that would lead to wherever you want to head on. They can help you if you need a little story-telling or a touch on the kinky side of you. Words are powerful not only on paper. They are means of understanding the rhythm of your partner.

But there is one more thing after you picked a writer. Make sure that they are head over heels in love with you. Why? Because they are dangerously clever when the play around. 😉

 – Jemaima Robles

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