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SimSimi: Overview, Discoveries, Pros, Cons and Realization 11

SimSimi is an artificial intelligence conversation program that was created in 2002 by ISMaker, a Korean tech company.  This is also available as an app which is compatible with the iPhone, PCs with iTunes and other Android devices. As of now it has learned or should I say it was programmed with ten (10) million […]



Shaider Zaps Away Stress…Annie’s Undergarmet Soothes the Tired Brain 15

First of all I would like to thank Sir Ritchie for the title, dude you’re the best. I just wanted to share about what happened on my recent Facebook update, and this is what I said (sorry folks, it’s in Tagalog): “Kapag pinalabas ulit ang Shaider, mas maraming manunuod na matatanda kesa sa mga bata…Talon […]

Relationship Statuses That Should be Included in Facebook 10

As of now, our favorite social networking site ‘Facebook’ has nine (9) relationship statuses, namely: Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, Married, It’s complicated, In an open relationship, Widowed, Separated and Divorced. But I think, even though there are already nine options to choose from, they were not enough to state what your “exact relationship status” […]

It's Complicated


Celebrity Look-Alike Part Two! 11

Are you still familiar with my “Pinoy Celebrity Look-Alike” article? If you are not, you may click the link to see it, but beware, a certain curse was enchanted to that article. Did you survived the “baog curse” I casted to anyone who will not agree that the last set of celebrities are really familiar? […]

Bloggers’ Proverbs | English Edition 12

Here’s another surprise! I know you are familiar with my Blogger Quotes but most of them are in Tagalog. This time I decided to make Bloggers’ Proverbs in English so bloggers from other countries can relate and understand them. Aside from that, a commenter suggested that putting images with my proverbs , might help to […]


Pick up lines

Bloggers’ Pick-up Lines 33

Katahimikan! Katahimikan! After the Blogger Proverbs, here’s my new surprise! I haven’t seen an article featuring blogger pick-up lines and I am hoping that I am the first to create one. I have included few of the “Blogger Pick-up Lines” and I will add more if this post will have a positive response from you […]

Blogger Proverb Shirts

Filipino Proverbs: The Blogger Edition Part Two 36

After the success of my article “Filipino Proverbs: The Blogger Edition”, here comes another set of Blogger Proverbs I am sure you will like and I bet you can relate. By the way, if you are wondering why I categorize it as a successful article it is because… two blogger proverbs were chosen by Sir […]