Gift Recommendations for Valentine’s Day

Hey dude, are you having trouble on what to give to your special someone this coming Valentine’s Day? Worry no more! It does not really matter if you still don’t know very well your partner; actually it’s just a plus. But if you really can’t decide on what to give, this is what I suggest, give her a WRISTWATCH!

Yes, a wristwatch! Well, you might be wondering why I suggested that stuff. Actually, I just based it on my own experience with girls, I have never seen a lady who hated wristwatches, and most of them want to have one. If I remember it right, I gave my wife a wristwatch and she loved it so much, her eyes sparkled as she sees the detailed design of the wristwatch I gave her. She did not complain if the gift I gave her looks classy, instead she told me that she has the perfect attire that is a perfect match for it.

Now, if you can’t decide on the design of the wristwatch you want to give your wife or girlfriend (just an example), you just have to base it on her personality, you have to determine if she is classy, outgoing or funky. As a matter of fact choosing the design is not a big problem especially for girls because they love to mix and match their attire to their accessories.

Look at these two samples below, one is a La Mer Collections Layer Wrap Women’s Watch LMLW5001 and DKNY Women’s Watch 8066.




I surely bet that she will like any from the two samples shown above, your only problem is, what if she likes both ^_^.

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