GUERILLA BLOGGER|Best Guide for Improving Our Blog


"A simple guy who believes that to be successful in the blogosphere, one should "Blog about their Passion and make Blogging as part of that Passion."

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  1. Ritche says:

    Very good post. Highly recommended.

    My truism when it comes to blogging/online writing:

    “It’s the reader/audience who really matters (meaning content). SEO is just about improving distribution & being found easily.”

    Sing for the audience/listener. Don’t about distribution, album cover, marketing too much. =)

  2. chrisair says:

    you are right very inspiring

  3. JoMi says:

    Yep, All in One SEO Pack does the trick! =)

  4. helen says:

    this is very nice. i just downloaded the ebook. thanks so much mr. semidoppel! :-)

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  6. berry says:

    yes, i agree on some of your stuff such as SEO and blog for life stuff. =] nice guide thank for it!! do visit my blog too

    Semidoppel Reply:

    Thanks for dropping by berry. ^_^

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