How to Speed Up Internet Browsing?


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10 Responses

  1. win7 akin… (starter nga lng) do you think that’s the reason why?! O.o

    Semidoppel Reply:

    Hmmm… win7 din akin eh pero it worked eh hmmmm

  2. joy says:

    gpedit.msc does not run in xphome, anyway how to configure it in xp home?

    Semidoppel Reply:

    Oh my, I think it only works on Windows XP and Windows 7

  3. is there any other way? I just cant proceed with the 2nd set of procedures. after i typed gpedit.msc, it says it cannot be found… :(

    Semidoppel Reply:

    Hmmm…y kaya? Nagawa ko na to twice eh..anu OS mo?

  4. Ane says:

    Meron ba syang specific OS lang na it will work for? Or universal sya? Pwede sa Windows, Mac or Vista?

    Semidoppel Reply:

    Di pwede sa vista/mac

  5. csseyah says:

    masubukan nga ito bro.. bumabagal itong smartbro ko sa haus.. Thanks

    Semidoppel Reply:

    Cge po…feedback naman jan if it works..sken kc it worked

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