I Saw Twin Rainbows For the First Time

Nature is really full of wonders, and it can create artistic masterpiece on its own. Believe it or not, but I myself cannot believe what I saw. Twin Rainbows! Yup, you read it right, read and check the pictures.

Two weeks ago, I was in Limay, Bataan because I was assigned on a project. It was a rainy afternoon. My driver and I went to a nearby school supplies shop to have some documents to be photo copied. While on the shop, I felt hungry, so I decided to buy snacks, but when I was on my way to a nearby store I looked at the skies and there I saw “Twin Rainbows”. For the first time in my life, I saw this very fascinating masterpiece of nature. When I saw the rainbows, it seems that I became a child again.

I felt very happy because of what I just saw. When I shouted “Wow! ‘yung rainbows oh, dalawa sila magkatabi”, people looked at it and took pictures like what I did. Even my driver took a picture of it. The twin rainbows lasted for five minutes only, and I can say proudly that, it was one of the most unforgettable five minutes of my life!


By the way, I already fixed the error on my new template / theme. Previously, the new theme’s header is not fixed for larger screen sizes, but it was fine if you have a screen size the same to the netbook. I would like to apologize if it took me a long time before I fixed the problem. I was on a project and got deployed to Bataan.

2 thoughts on “I Saw Twin Rainbows For the First Time”

  1. Rainbows really uplifts someone’s spirit. I just wonder how come it is very frequent that people get to see rainbows this year. I had four sightings of rainbow this year and I also took pictures of them though I missed one while I was off to work since I did not have my cam with me. Could it be that it was there to remind us that there will be no more Ondoy for this year in the same way that it was given as a sign after the big flood during Noah’s time?

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