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Get Creative With Text On Your Facebook Timeline Cover   Recently updated !

One of the most important decisions that you face in creating a Facebook timeline cover photo is how much text to include, if any. It’s probably a good idea to include some, in order to get your message across. You should always have a goal with your Facebook cover photo, […]


1st Philippine All-Gundam Exposition

First Philippine All-Gundam Exposition by PGBSAC to be Hosted by Andrew E 1

I am a Gunpla enthusiast and a collector, but I just started collecting last May and my first kit is a Master Grade 1/100 Red Frame Astray. Among my friends I think I am the only one collecting Gundam model kits but thanks to Facebook, I found several groups of […]

The Facebook Hashtagging Debate   Recently updated !

Since the web was created, it has always been about using the same strategy to create a brand; find a good web host, build a website and allow search engines to pick it up to rank for your brand name. Whilst this has been effective and successful for years, the […]

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PassedOn, Leaving a Will: A Great Way to be at Peace

Most of us would rather not think or talk about dying.  So it won’t come as a surprise to hear that four out of five Filipino people have not written down any preferences regarding their own death. Being prepared before your death will help to ease the burden on your […]

How to Determine How Much Bandwidth Your Office Needs

With all the challenges involved in setting up a new business, working out your bandwidth needs shouldn’t have to be a chore. However, choosing the right bandwidth package and internet service provider could be the difference between getting your business off the ground and falling flat on your face. Modern […]


Semidoppel’s 2012 Year-End Report 9

Hello there! Before 2012 comes  to an end, I would like to share to you Semidoppel’s Year-End Report, yippee! This year I have published sixty (60) articles, yup you read it right, only 60. I did it on purpose because I love experimenting on this blog. Well, another experiment is […]

Things I Learned and Realized from the AMALAYER Incident 6

Yes I know that this is quite late to post, but I did it on purpose. “Ayoko maging gatong habang mainit pa ang issue”, this is what I told myself during Ms. Amalayer was on her hell week. By the way if you think that this article is about putting […]


Explain How Blog Autofeed or Autopost Works So You Won’t Lose Your Job 8

It is very common in most offices or companies to prohibit their employees from using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter during work hours. There are also some who allow or unblock these sites during lunch break. There also some companies that fully block these sites. It is […]