Jejemon ka ba? Bakit di ka pa Maglaho! : An Editorial (Must Read This)

This is a special editorial from me, this post will be written in Taglish (Tagalog mixed with English).

I am a Jejemon hater, they ruined the proper way of spelling words. Imagine, you will receive a text containing this, “Ehlow Pfouh!”, where in the world did you get that greeting. If you will simplify the text message, I know you will accept this one “Elow po!”, at least it’s very simple and easy to understand. I have a friend who texted me in that manner, and I said to her that if she will keep on sending me that kind of super uneducated text, she better not text me anymore. Hindi naman sa nagtatali-talino pero dib a nga sa text eh simplified na? Eh why need pa ng exaggeration? Di ko talaga masakyan yung trip nyo eh, parang napaka-uneducated. Balik kaya kayo sa elementary!

Imagine she texted me this:

Jejemon: Ehlow pfouh! Waley kb GhnGawa?

Me: Hoy! If you keep sending me that kind of super uneducated text, better not text me anymore.

Jejemon: bvkit nMan PoH!

Me: Matalino ka p naman dib a scholar ka pa nga, low IQ ka ba?

Jejemon: Dhi poH nOh! Khaw NmaN, Nhow n nGa lng Mei ulet NaGtxt

Me: Better not text me anymore. (mainin na ulo ko)

Eto pa oh sample pictures ng mga Jejemon na yan!

Nakakainit ng ulo, paano dumami ang mga taong ganito magtxt.  What is a Jejemon? I found couple of answers while surfing the net:

A Jejemon is

– (noun or adj.)—a person who is very expert in typing..
– a person that never gets tired of typing consonants in all of his comments…
– people with very LOW IQ
– a person that destroys the morale of language in any typing media like internet,cellphones…etc…
– a person you want to fuck off and kill
– an emo/gangster who owns all the possible negative qualities of a person

Sa totoo lang, ayoko na pansinin eh, kaso di na kinaya eh, ayaw ko man isulat pero gusto ko malaman sa pamamagitan ng blog na ito na I am against it. Alam ko mahirap pigilan basta trip at dahil kasi trip nila gawin yon.  Hay buhay! End of the world na ata!

34 thoughts on “Jejemon ka ba? Bakit di ka pa Maglaho! : An Editorial (Must Read This)”

  1. Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated. kaya wag na kayong magalit sa jejemon..Don’t hate them.. ignore them n lng^^. hayaan nyo cla. i agree dun sa anonymous..
    kac sa tingin ko para sa mga jejemons, It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.
    Saka wag nyo clang sabhang low IQ… d nyo alam may matatalinong jejemon… bka mas matalino pa sayo.=))

  2. ,,….sZa 2t0o ln9,,d nMn mZm@h m(!ing jH#jemh0n…
    ,,…zTyl3 ln9 nMn p0h !t0h nMn n9 p@g tXt,,..
    …..p!z..w2g lng p0h sn@h k@un9 m9!ng h!ghbl0od zm!n…

  3. dba the jejemons is low iq hu are the jejemons i like jejemon peo auqoh mxavhan ng low iq rigth?

  4. Because of this trend (Jejemon typing), motorist, specifically drivers are warned to be very vigilant NOT to and NEVER read text messages while driving. You will never know, that a jejemon might text you, and distract your focus 101 percent from driving due to serious decoding and frustrated deciphering of the Jeje code.

  5. 4n9 6nd4 $r4P mG!n9 j3j3m0n’,…;’,;’.,.;’.,.;;’…../;’,./;’;’.,;’…,;’.,;’;.,!!! n0. 1 +l494!!!

  6. saYAhng POuwzs walah Kayuhng MGAa traNsLators!saNAh meaROunz KAyouwzs!ChaHkaH mgaH SAmples NG ,mGah wOrds NA jejeMONz!TY!JUzsT taHke CaIre!

  7. Sang ayon ako sayo, yun nga lng ang dahilan ng iba “artistic” daw pero sa totoo lng pina baboy nila yun pagka “artistic”, *sigh*. Ako rin hater rin ako sa jejemon, wala na ako magawa sa ganyan dahilan nila.

  8. i link your blog on my fb account so that other’s will start laughing too after they read your comments about jejemons..

    good job!:)

  9. i also hate jejemons! my lil cousin was like a jejemon, kaya yun sa bwiset ko binawi ko cp na binigay ko sa kanya.. puro jejemates nya kasi kausap eh!

  10. I think most of the Jejemon are the young generation. Di kaya di lang natin sila naiintindihan ? o we are just getting older ?

    Just think of diary na dati top secret sya pero now hindi na at nilalagay pa online. Siguro mag rereact din ang mga nag dadiary dati(generation before us) at di tayo maintindihan kung bakit nilalagay na natin ang content ng diary online thru blogging ?

  11. ganda nang jejejej…pwde poh mag request pakitext…NA LANG POH UNG IBANG JEJEJE Na in4mation…..09391612550….THENKKKS PPOH…sana poh txt nio ako

  12. thennksss phew sa in4maytion….xenxxxia n d ako masyado marunong nang jejejewrie….hehehehe….pwde poh bang mag text ka na lang sa mobile no…na ito 09391612550…pkiteext n lang poh ung mga jejeje na txt…thenksss poh

  13. Ung kay Tolkien ngyn ko lng ata narinig yan, I’ll research for it. About “datkilab”=baliktad, hmm, una po kc sa text po ung topic ko sa jejemons, hmm kunwari “dehins repa” ung txt sken, sken ok lng, pero kung gnun lagi na bliktad ung text nya, same lng din ung ssbhin ko, same sa sinabi ko sa jejemons po. And about the what you said that “the ones who are the most stupid are the ones who are trying to be intelligent”, for me it still depends on the manner of how you want to try to be intelligent. I know you know my point because I know you’re intelligent and not just trying to be one.

    Thanks for dropping by, thanks for the comment! ^_^

  14. bago po simulan basahin..di po kami nag aaway ng nag comment hehehe:
    You know, i respect your opinion. Before I published this post, I know that different reactions will occur. This is not the first time that this happened. I like the example you gave, yung jumbled letters pero un p rin ung spelling nung words, and I agree that it sure gives an exercise to our mind. pero as I see how these jejemons do their text messages, na alam mo naman un db, for me, and in my point of view, i repeat IN MY POINT OF VIEW po, is stupidity, skn po kasi simplicity ung umiiral. If decoding such jumbled and super creative word spellings is your point, aminado ako talo ako dun, di ba natural khit anu gawin ng taong babasa nun eh tlgang mbbsa nya, kaya nga nagawa ng jejemon ung spelling n un eh kasi nbbsa nya p din. pero against po tlga ako s gnun, sken kasi is kaartehan lang po talga. Then sinabi nyo n ignore n lng, tama po, at mtgal ko ng ginagawa n iignore sya, pag open p lng sa inbox eh delete agad. wag na lang sana magtxt sken ulit ung friend ko na “I tHinK Aim DyIng na, Help you pfouh me Pfunta sa Ospfital.”

    Salamat po sa comment mr Jejemunman… I appreciate po. you can comment po ulit, welcome po ako sa anumang comment nyo.

  15. From my point of view it probably began on internet games where foul language is prohibited. If you were a gamer before you probably know what I am saying, where chat box for the game quickly detects foul language and changes them into **** or a different word, and for such reason these gamers who probably wants to taunt his opponent will make another way to be able to say these words (some words which are not also foul sometimes becomes included in the chat box program banned list, maybe by some programming error).And so these gamers tend to change the letter e to number 3, I to number 1, Sa to number 5 and so on. Others change the spelling as long as it sounds like the original word, just to be able to disregard the anti-foul language program of the game.
    And from my point view some people used this habit on internet gaming in sending SMS, and also in social networking websites like Friendster, which was popular when internet games became a flick.

    Is this really issue that we should be aware about?

    If reading such “Jejemon” phrases really annoys you, then why bother to read it or make a deal out of it, unless you really want to read this stuff and then get annoyed.

    Is reading this “dhUh qW!k vr0uwN phF0uX jumF3d 0v3r t3h L@izey dhouG” makes you stupid?

    From my point of view, I guess not. Actually it gives my mind a little exercise to decode this. Like from what I saw from a website that shows this passage:

    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteers be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.”

    The worst part of this issue is that it became others made it fun in criticizing other people, which is very rude.

    For me a better way dealing for these type of issue is “IGNORE”. If you don’t like it “ignore it” why make a big deal out of it. It takes only seconds to ignore it and then continue with your day rather than get annoyed and make your day not right.

  16. Just want to know about your take on Tolkien’s invention of the Elvinish (if that’s the correct spelling) language?
    I don’t care about the jejemons, I never heard about them before april 26, 2010. And what do you think is their difference on the datkilab (example dehins or idnih) fad that happened in the 70’s? I think the ones who are the most stupid are the ones who are trying to be intelligent.

  17. yup.. using jejemon texts makes your IQ low which is a very bad thing… spelling lng ng hi di pa alam… ganito spelling nila sa hi (haie) parang walang pinagaralan

  18. haha talagang very low IQ ang isa sa mga description! hay sana naman mabawasan na mga jejemon kasi like the author of this post- di ko din masakyan trip nila e 🙂

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