My First Love Letter: For the Words I Can’t Say

Honey this is my surprise, my electronic love letter! I know I haven’t given you a single love letter ever since, so now, I made a special one, one that is saved in my blog, indexed in Google, forever here and my readers, followers and blogger friends are the witnesses. (Warning: Extreme Cheesiness Inside) Ehem ehem…


It’s been five years, and thank God our relationship keeps on getting stronger. We’ve been through different hardships and yet you’re still by my side. You never left me, and I love you more with that.

Thank you…

Thanks for being my best friend, you are always there, listening to every stories I want to tell. You are my confidant and my “shock absorber” every time I have so many problems. You already saw me on my highest high and on my lowest low, and you never change. We’ve been through many trials and we managed to withstand. I know people asked you, why did you choose Jam? Even though you just give them a smile every time they ask that question, I know that it is enough to tell them that you are happy being with me.

Thanks for enduring every pain…

All the chismosas around you, at work and at your home who kept inventing stories such as “live-in na tayo” at “buntis ka na”mamatay kayo sa inggit, I told you to tell them na wala kasi kayong boyfriend na pogi! Seriously, thanks for helping me prove that what they think is wrong.

Thanks for being my 2nd mother, yes you are haha! Not only because of the nagging you do just like my mom. I know I made you angry because of my shortcomings. But still, you took good care of me when I am sick, “kahit na nahahawa ka pa, remember ‘yung sore eyes?”


Sorry because of my mood swings, those times when I easily get irritated because of stress at work. I know it’s not an excuse so please accept my apology. Sorry if I made you sad because of that. Sorry for being a “pasaway”,  I won’t enumerate them here (nakakahiya LOL).


Take good care of yourself, I can’t be always by your side with the type of work I have, especially when I am assigned on far areas. I hate it when you’re sick… especially “kapag hinihika ka na.” How I wish I can take all that pain with a simple hug, no kahit pa power hug!

And by the way nagtrending ung FB wall update ko, ‘yung:

Dear Honey,

Get well soon! Kapag hindi ka agad nagpagaling, papalitan kita ng trese anyos na dalagita.




For accepting me as your future-husband (formality na lng weee!), I know I am irresistible (LOL). Kidding aside, I am really glad that you still want someone like me, I am not perfect, but I’ll strive to be the only man you could ever wish for.

Whenever you ask me how much I love you…

I really can’t tell, and I can’t find the exact reason why, and again I’ll tell you…”Mas mabuti na mahal kita sa dahilang hindi ko alam, dahil kung minahal kita dahil sa iilang dahilan, maaring hindi na kita mahal kapag wala na ang mga dahilang iyon.”

I intentionally made the letter here instead of writing it on a paper because you won’t misplace this one, you can’t burn this one and you can retrieve it whenever you like, just Google it. Now you know why having a blogger boyfriend is more fun in the Philippines.

Lubos na gumagalang,


15 thoughts on “My First Love Letter: For the Words I Can’t Say”

  1. GF mo na! GF mo na ang boyfriend na blogger, may nakita akong pix minsan sa FB tungkol sa magsyota na blogger ung lalake, pero di ko sasabihin dito, censored! :))

    Astig nito pre “Mas mabuti na mahal kita sa dahilang hindi ko alam, dahil kung minahal kita dahil sa iilang dahilan, maaring hindi na kita mahal kapag wala na ang mga dahilang iyon.” 🙂

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