Get Creative With Text On Your Facebook Timeline Cover

One of the most important decisions that you face in creating a Facebook timeline cover photo is how much text to include, if any. It’s probably a good idea to include some, in order to get your message across. You should always have a goal with your Facebook cover photo, which will enable you to make a plan so that you can accomplish what you’re setting out to do with the digital real estate.


Common Goals

There are a few goals that are pretty much universal with Facebook timeline cover photos. First of all, you want to grab the attention of the visitor. If your Facebook timeline cover photo does not stand out, they may quickly click away from your page and go check out something else. Therefore it is important that you use something that is eye-catching and lures them in. Next, you want to convey information about your brand and company. This can be done through text or imagery, and it should intrigue them enough to lead into your third goal. That should be to keep them on your Facebook page for as much time as possible. read more

Faulty Reasons to Engage in a Relationship (Part 1)

“To those who think  they are ready to engage in a relationship, here’s an article that might made you reflect before deciding.”

Are you in a relationship? Or are you planning to be in one? Get yourself checked first if you are ready with the right reasons. In engaging in a relationship, one must not commit only for…

List of Donation Points for Yolanda Victims

If you want to send donations, (goods, clothing, monetary, etc.) and wondering where might be  the nearest donation point near your place, here’s a list provided by Pinoy Gundam (yeah, we are not just about model kits). Included in the list are the bank accounts where you can deposit monetary donations and lastly, you may go to some donation points where you can help in repacking. It’s easy to us to share videos and memes so I AM HOPING THAT  YOU CAN SHARE THIS LIST, A SIMPLE CLICK OF SHARING CAN HELP LOTS OF PEOPLE. Bangon Tacloban, Bangon Pilipinas! read more

The stolen million-dollar idea

If it’s a million-dollar or a billion-dollar idea, you should think twice before trusting anyone, even if he or she is your best friend. This is what I learned after watching the 2013 American drama film entitled Syrup. It’s a great film about marketing basics and what makes a product click. It’s a story about Scat, the guy who accidentally dropped a soda can on the floor and had a million-dollar idea that was stolen by his sneaky and silent room mate called Sneaky Pete.

Sneaky Pete is Emmett Cullen in the 2008 film Twilight, but he’s hotter in this movie. He doesn’t talk a lot, but he’s a cunning piece of !@#$!#@$. He doesn’t need to learn about Canadian mortgage rates online or be a Wall Street god to become an instant multi-millionaire. He just listened, grasped the idea, and made a bold wicked move in stealth to make his room mate’s idea his own. read more

Captain Phillips: A Review of Humanity, Poverty, Piracy and Politics

(Spoiler Alert! You might want to watch the movie before reading this post.)

I’m not really a fan of stories that deal with hostage-taking crises, military tactics, much more all things related to the sea. Maybe because I don’t know much about them, neither do I know how to swim. Thus, I find the sea as a threat to my Earthly existence. Despite my doubts if I’ll enjoy a movie like Captain Phillips, I did push my luck, hanging on the hope that it would be a good one since it is Tom Hanks.

The Setting read more

First Philippine All-Gundam Exposition by PGBSAC to be Hosted by Andrew E

I am a Gunpla enthusiast and a collector, but I just started collecting last May and my first kit is a Master Grade 1/100 Red Frame Astray. Among my friends I think I am the only one collecting Gundam model kits but thanks to Facebook, I found several groups of Gunpla collectors, hobbyists and modelers. I have joined several groups and just recently, I found out that Andrew E. is also a collector!

We are on the same group called “Pinoy Gundam Builders-Sellers-Artists and Collectors” or PGBSAC and I just found out there is an upcoming event called “ The First Philippine All-Gundam Exposition ” which will be hosted by Sir Andrew E. Check the poster below for the details. read more

Media and Parenting: A Better Route to Learning

Media has become one of the most influential factors affecting the development of children today. This brought an undebatable concern that parents should cope with the changes in child-rearing, which includes the major considerations of technology and its influence in child development. I’m not going to talk about good parenting. Instead, I would simply emphasize on the parents’ need to understand how childhood has changed so much into a technology-driven personality development. And these new ways of learning are greatly influenced by television. read more

The Finals

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) 2013 Governor’s Cup finals had always been a must-see for avid Filipino Basketball fans. Yet, this year is something quite edgy than the rest—the San Mig Coffee Mixers against the Petron Blaze Boosters game is an instant classic! Check out the different arsenals each team has.

First is the San Mig Coffee Mixers’ lineup and their caliber range:

San Mig Coffee Mixers Starting Five:

  • Mark Barroca                        Guard
  • James Yap                              Guard
  • Joe Devance                         Forward
  • Marqus Blakely                    Forward
  • Marc Pingris                          Center

Reserves and other players:

  • PJ Simon
  • Raffy Reavis
  • Gerwin Gaco
  • Alex Mallari
  • Yancy de Ocampo

Head coach, Tim Cone, has a handful of weapons in his lineup. Some of his players who usually do most of the scoring are James Yap, PJ Simon, and their import, Marqus Blakely. Yap is one of the premier scorers in the league, while Simon, their sixth man, is also a great scoring guard. Blakely, on the other hand, is at his best in offensive rebound, which gives him a chance to score inside the paint. When it comes to defense, quite often than not, the team relies on Blakely and Marc Pingris. Pingris, the hero of the FIBA semi-finals against Korea, is a powerful player beyond doubt. He is one of the best centers in the league. With his great rebounding and defensive skills, Pingris is a brick wall. He can also come up with thunderous dunks on the open lane. With that, he is even called, “Pinoy Sakuragi.” read more

10 Common Reasons Why People Cheat

Most heart breaks are results of infidelity. It is when people are clever enough to find out if there is something going on behind their back that kills them. Curiosity kills a cat, and all these cats have taken their time screeching and ranting about these things almost everywhere. So why not, for a change, understand their partners who have been goofing-around. Here is a list that may help you understand them.


  • Can’t accept imperfection

This is the usual case of people who argue that their partner can’t satisfy their needs in whatever aspect that may be. They equate satisfaction with what is ideal. They expect that the ideal partner that the media fools us with and those that they have in mind can possibly be met by one person, which isn’t true. We are all imperfect. If you keep on looking for all the qualities you want, you’ll really end up with more than one. read more