Ports of Malaya: Filipino Ragnarok Players will Surely Love

If you really know where “Semidoppel” get its name, then you are one of my old buddies who knew me very well. It is my Guillotine Cross’ name in Philippine Ragnarok Online, an experimental speed type guillotine cross, an apprentice of -=]Suddenly[=-, my main GX. Yes, yours truly is a certified Ragnarok Online addict and I’m using an account which I use since beta days. Finally, the upcoming patch will put enthusiasm and  Filipino Ragnarok players will surely love, an episode where the map’s themes are based on the Philippines. I have read that there are some Philippine trademarks in this patch, he mentioned the famous “jeepneys” and the Rizal Park can be seen here.

The Ports of Malaya (Ports of Freedom), a Philippine-themed map was made by Gravity and as of now it was launched in kRO Sakray Test Servers. The recent patch they made was putting the new monsters which were monsters based on Filipino mythical creatures. As of now I can say that most monsters in this patch will be  “Demon” type, so folks prepare your weapons and gears to combat these mythical creatures. Where’s the sample image? Here it is!

Monster Names: Wakwak, Engakanto, Bungisngis, Manananggal, Buwaya, Tiyanak, Mangkukulam, Tikbalang, Bangungot

Wondering about the MVP monster here? The gigantic “Bakunawa” who might be as large as Satan Morroc is a mythical creature who was believed the cause of eclipses by swallowing the moon. The creature’s power is not yet confirmed, but I think with that size, you’ll need to have lots of guildsmen to defeat it.

As of now, there’s no exact launch date on when will this patch will be experienced by Filipino gamers. Tell this news to your Ragnarok friends ( even those who already quit, retired, semi-retired players) and invite them again to play the game (even though this time it’s the reign of the “Convert and Receive” series LOL). See you all online!


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