Rage: Not Just Your Ordinary First-Person Shooter Game

Are you a gamer? Are you fond of shooting games? How about a shooter game combined with racing? If all your answers is “yes” I think this game is best for you. Gamers watch out for the upcoming first-person shooter game which is still under development of id Software.  id Software, a company based in Richardson, Texas is also the one who created these two well-known games, namely, Doom and Quake. This is an American video game development company and together with Betheseda Softworks, they plan to release the game sometime in September. id Software will use their latest graphic technology which is powered by id Tech 5, this tool was believed to be a very good help for the game developers.

This game aside for being a first-person shooter game also includes racing and lots of explorations on a planet ruined by a meteor. By the way, there are two multiplayer modes available in this game, Combat Rally and Legends of the Wasteland. Did I mention rally racing? Yes it’s true, there are vehicular combats and they will be in the third-person mode. Also, according to the developers, online rally racing modes will be available in this game. What’s the difference between the two? It’s the number of players who can join on these modes I mentioned.  On the “Combat Rally”, six players will be competing on an all out match, players should obtain rally points which can be found inside the arena, and you can also kill other players to steal their points.  On the other hand, the “Legends of the Wasteland” is composed of a two-player mission game with a certain storyline to follow.

Actually, Rage have lots of game features, actually there are five portions revealed at this moment. These are “find buggy parts”, Mutant Bash TV, Dead City, the Authority Prison and the Dusty 8 Rocket Race.

When you start the game, a tutorial area is available so that you can familiarize with the controls and other gameplay features. What I love most in this game is the inventory system, all the loots you obtained from your enemies or from your quests/missions are sorted accordingly. Also in the inventory, you can see the outstanding jobs /quests you have taken, stats list and the list of weapons you have.

Even though the game is not yet launched, John Carmack is now thinking for the sequel of the game, and he promised that it will be available on the consoles where the first “RAGE” game is unavailable. Rage will be playable on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms and will be available on September 13.


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