Sorting Men Out

What if we can sort men? What would be each container’s label? Let’s give it a try! Here are some observable ‘sorts’ of men that women encounter.

 The Cutie-Patootie – the guy with the cutest dimples, long dark lashes, and perfect face outline, though not very tall but definitely someone who will make you blush in just one glance. That mannequin-like cuteness that you want to take home for display.

 The Prince Charming – no longer with a white horse but undoubtedly charming. Charms you in all that he does, that you can’t help admire even his task of tying his shoelace. He is THAT charming. You can’t explain why he affected you that much, ’cause he’s not much of a looker, but he would have that x-factor.

The Best Friend  – the ideal company ’cause he laughs even at your corny jokes. The shoulder to cry on, the solution to a near-failure dilemma, the one who knows what’s good and not-so-good about you. There is this fondness that you might ignore but can never deny.

 The Irritatingly Gorgeous – that mischievous boy who loves picking on you with his adorable and cute little ways. His presence can make you frown and smile at the same time. The attention that he gives and the irritating things he does to show it just made the difference.

 The Snob and Mysterious – with hopes that curiosity won’t kill you, you’ll push your luck with this lad. He’s the one who would keep everything about himself private and knowing him feels like winning an extinct possibility.

 The Beauty – that man who sometimes confuses you if he is really straight, since his features are so beautiful, you can’t help feeling a bit insecure yourself. Yeah, that guy who can wear makeup, wig, or dress and will look more of a woman than you.

The Bad Boy – sadly, there are those who are attracted with the ‘macho’ that they find in being bad. The guys who smoke, who drink, or even those who take drugs are sometimes appealing to women who doesn’t have the sense. The womanizer and the jerk included.

 The Tough Guy – This big bulk of a guy who will never pick a fight, yet nobody wants to pick one against him. He is the leader of sort of gang, or the captain of a team, or a head of a popular and you-wont-dare-mess-up-with group. Girls find security with him, I guess.

 The Super Popular – Meet the guy whose name you can google. Yep. He’s one overly popular catch. Whether he is a celebrity, an athlete, the richest guy in town, he’s that guy whose name spells fame. Being a girl of a guy whom everyone knows is something.

 The Ultimate Hunk – yep, that six-pack abs, firm biceps and well-toned body would really make a good impression on girls. There are those who love a superman-like embrace, while some prefer a Majin-boo kind of hug. Let’s face it; men are hot when they’re toned. That is why girls attend Cosmo men parties.

 The Hero – that guy who made the last shot for the team to bag the championships, the man who came just in time to save you from a difficult confrontation, maybe the one who stood up when everyone picks on you, or the man who happens to have the only solution for a problem that almost made you lose sanity. Your hero.

 The Nerd – that guy who knows all the answers to your assignment, or that who made everything seem easy in acads. He may be the perfect company to learn and discuss everything intellectual in nature. Someone who will enjoy geeky dates with you.

 The Joker – he cracks the joke that everybody buys. Lights up the class when the prof is too stiff. Humor is his asset and that just made you swoon. Every girl loves a man who can make her laugh.

 The Witty – sarcasm is his game. It is humor on the next level–no longer slapstick but critical in nature. This is the man who can make everyone laugh while he’s wearing a poker face. He knows a lot and makes people laugh at reality. Intellectual in the funny, sexy, kind of way.

The Romantic – if you’ve been watching rom-com films that make you dream of all the romantic things your man can do for you, most likely you have an idea who the romantic is. Those who propose in public with the most creative ideas, those who will exert much (maybe too much) effort to fix a dinner for the two of you, with all the participation of production staff, mobs, and neighbors.

There you go! The first impressions a man can make for a girl. Remember: though first impressions really last, consistency and sincerity weigh more. And of course, first impressions can’t solely make a relationship last.

– Maxim



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