Weirdest Clash of Clans Village Layout

YES! I admit, I am a Clash of Clans addict! I started last April (2014) and as of now I have two COC (Clash of Clans) accounts. I’ve been busy editing my village’s layout from time to time or whenever I review the defense replays that my village encountered. When I¬†noticed that the layout has flaws or when I see that the layout is not effective, I’ll change it again. But the ugly truth is, there’s no absolute defense in COC. But some COC players do not change their village’s layout because of defense but because they want to create a layout that resembles something. As I “farm for loots”, I saw some weird village layout, here are some samples of Weirdest Clash of Clans Village Layout¬† I am talking about…

Molecular layout



The Dirty FingerDirty Finger


The Butterfly (or more like a Fallopian tube and ovary)Fallopian 2 Fallopian


The Flower PetalFlower Petals


Heart Struck by an ArrowHEart


The CrossLayout 1

This is what I noticed, I think this is one of the favorite layouts… the Batman Icon

batman 1 Batman 2 Batman 3 Batman 4


I will add more to this collection, but for now, let’s do some farming! Happy Gaming!

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