• Why Semidoppel Wants Jehzeel Laurente’s Android Phone?

    Sino b naman ang ayaw niyan? Of course I’ll die for that android phone! Actually my present mobile phone is a W810i Sony Ericsson, it’s been my phone for about three years already. SAWA NA BA KAYO SA LUMA NIYONG CELLPHONE….. AKO RIN! Why do I deserve an Android phone? Fine, Waldy (aka Jehzeel of Jehzlau Concepts)you win, I’ll enumerate the reasons.

    1. First Reason: I really want the phone, I want a better one, IMBA kasi, it has Wi-Fi, an auto focus camera, an Android OS, GPS Support, and JAVA applications such as (Digital compass, MP4/H.263/H.264/WMV/DivX player, MP3/eAAC+/WMA player, Google Search, Maps, Gmail,
      YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk integration, Organizer and Voice memo.
    2. Second Reason: Check the pictures of my current phone. Di ka ba nahahabag, maatim mo ba na habang may ganyan kang phone eh ganito ang phone ng kaibigan mo, karimarikarim na siya tingnan, nasaan ang puso mo Jehz? Asan!? (Ayus ba Direct?) Liwanagin ko lang REAL PICS YAN, hindi ko need mang hiram ng cellphone ng iba at piktyuran ko, kung ganun lang gagawin ko eh di sana kinuha ko na lang un NOKIA 1100 ng sister ko. Kidlatan man ako ngayon!
    3. Third Reason: Of all the bloggers, I might be the poorest (assuming), I really can’t afford to buy a new one, don’t make me tell my story, you might cry, hmm come to think of it, why not try to write my life story to Ate Charo, she might give me an Android Phone like this.
    4. Fourth Reason: I haven’t experienced browsing the internet using a mobile phone, that dream will come true if I win this contest. Jehzeel, ikaw ang aking lakas!
    5. Fifth Reason: Ehem Ehem! Since 2002, Ragnarok Days…beta days, we’re still in college, kasagsagan ng Ragnarok, it’s been nine years na friends tayo even though never pa tayo nagmi-meet in person, gift mo na sa akin yan please. TRIVIA YAN ALAM MO YAN AKO RECORD HOLDER HAHA!
    6. Sixth Reason: If ever I win, I’ll give my Sony Ericsson to my sister who’s using a Nokia 1100 with a bulky battery, she wrap it with masking tape so that she can still use it.
    7. Seventh Reason: Special Mention pa pangalan mo sa TITLE ng entry post ko! Todong sipsip ko na ito.

    It’s so obvious that I want the phone, but still it’s in your decision who really deserves it. Manalo, matalo Idol ok lang, don’t worry no heart failures este heart feelings and to all who joined Jehzeel’s pakulo, may the best entry wins!

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